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New Member Don Tomas


As far as a welcoming thread, the discussion did include Mickey Mouse, rotten cheese, chemical ketchup and the legitimacy of a jaskass.
Welcome home, Beansntoast.


Sorry DT. I forgot the smiley face thingy.
Good to see you here.

I’m one with feet in both camps. Book AI and then travel around a lot. Visit friends and find new places. I think I crossed an invisible AI line this trip. The gardeners were bringing me beer, beach security was tipping me with 3 peso coins when I carried loungers and the guy working the pelicans on the beach just gave me a handful of fish to feed the birds and kept walking.



I couldn’t even really get into the whole resort-spirit when I was there. And I tried. All the workers treated me like a lucky Cuban on a state vacation and when I tried to give a tip to the bartender at the pool bar he looked at me and said ‘asere, que bola?’

Dude probably lives in a house that costs ten times more than the one I live in when in Cuba, so fair enough I guess.

Anyway I truly loved being a yuma for a week, lol. Was great getting away from Cuba. Needed that so badly. So I’ll be sniffing around this forum looking for tips on which resort to escape to next time around. I hear there are some that have guests who bring their own bacon. If I can pick that up I’ll get in line behind someone like that, pad him or her on the shoulder, point to the bacon and say ‘my fren, what flies? Bacon for me?’


‘asere, que bola?’ is how I greet any barman I don’t know. Coming from an obvious yuma, it gets a chuckle and bewildered looks.

“Mi hermano mayor” is a barman who does live in a house ten times as nice as mine at home. I think he understands that but I’m never really sure.


[img src=“https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/1456777_242960052537624_1090722101_n.jpg?oh=657bffdcb0f06ba14c0f5632a3dd96e8&oe=55951204&gda=1435265760_ccef65d8e35d232bbd620ac97848688e” alt=" "]


Beans or Don Thomas as a child?


Actually not my style to go around greeting Cubans (other than friends) with asere que bola, but that’s probably a detail lost in translation.

But sure that chamaco could be my child, I hope he’s not though :slight_smile:


Photo should be funny at least for Cubans :slight_smile:


Good to see you posting again DT. I enjoyed your real time opinions on TA.



Dear Griz.
I am researchin on a documentary about Don Tomas - aka Tomas Willemoes.
I am a reporter from Danish TV.
Did you know him well??
As you probably know he died two years ago in Colombia
Best regards
Anders Lomholt, TV2 Denmark