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New palador/restaurant in Santa Cruz del Norte


Just wanted to let Jibacoa lovers (Cameleon and Breezes) know about a new palador/restaurant which has recently opened in Santa Cruz del Norte. We went there about a week ago and it was FANTASTIC!!
‘Los Amigos’ is owned and operated by Tony (chef at the bus stop restaurant on the Via Blanca between the hotels and Santa Cruz) and Roberto (Beach Bar waiter at the Ranchon restaurant at Breezes) and both their families. For Cameleon lovers, Roberto’s wife Anita worked in reservations at this resort until recently.
What makes this restaurant special is, of course, the wonderful, happy, funny people who run it but what’s more – the food is incredible. We had the garlic shrimp, pork chops, deep fried fish and the grilled fish. Believe me, you’ll not be able to finish all they serve, even though you just keep eating!! Prices run about 10 to 15 CUC, even the lobster! Tony and Roberto have created a wonderful, clean, and professional operation based on many years of creating great food and serving the public. The current clientele includes not only tourists on their way to and from Havana and the local resorts but also many people living in Santa Cruz.
Directions from the resorts – get onto the Via Blanca and go west towards Santa Cruz del Norte. DO NOT enter the town, just stay on Via Blanca as the restaurant’s entrance faces the Via Blanca. On the north side of the road there is a wall which runs along the highway once you pass the main entrance to the town. At about Km 49.5 you will see a Los Amigos sign. You can park right there, along the highway as a parking lot has been created. For those needing a taxi – talk to Roberto and he can make arrangements for you.
Hours of operation run from noon to 10pm daily. Telephone: 29 3109 and 52 92 323
Here’s a link to some pictures I took when we were there:


Great news.


sounds great… so is Roberto not working at Jibacoa anymore?


Roberto is still at the beach bar/grill at Breezes, but presently works every other day from 9am until 11pm. On his ‘off’ days he’s at Los Amigos noon until closing. Pretty busy guy, but in that business being busy is what you want!


Thanks, so much, for this info. I’ve printed off your post so that we have all the details handy for when we go to BJ in Feb. Los Amigos will definitely be on our to visit list during our stay. Thanks, also, for the photos; glad to see you prevailed ;).


were heading there in march, i will forsure have to try this as a special treat.


Also 2 new operating restaurants on the road just before turning into Breezes Jibacoa - maybe a 5-10 minute walk from the reception.


Do you mean on the farm road and, if so, in which direction from the BJ entrance or the main highway. Do you have the names? Any info on the menu/food?


Yes, it is the farm road, turn left leaving from the BJ entrance. I’m not sure of the name of the 1st restaurant, but it is the 1st house on the right just past the small white bridge - where people used to meet for their “private” taxi tours to Havana. It is the home of one of the BJ gardener’s and his family. His brother and daughter-in-law are the cooks. The tables are set up on a patio at the back of the house - you have to go through the house. It is open every day from around 11:30. It is a family type setting (vs bar style) - and the food is very tasty. And plentiful. Cost is extremely reasonable.

The 2nd restaurant is called “Mario’s”, I believe. It is a few more houses up the same road - on the same side of the street past the casa particular. It has an open patio at the front - very visible/obvious as a restaurant. Hubby was there for a beer. It had only been open a short time - was not open in June and we just returned a week ago. Quite a few things on the menu - don’t have specifics though. Sorry.

In any case, no taxi required from BJ’s…


Thanks, crabby. I know which house and gardener you mean. We’ll definitely check it out. So glad to see dining options opening up close to the resort and happy to support the locals :slight_smile:


A group of use ate at Mario’s in June.
Most of us had the fish.
I can tell you the chicken is very fresh. There are quite a few running around the patio free range.
Well priced and you can pay in CUP or they will convert to CUC.
I will return next time I’m in the area.