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NEW PHOTO CONTEST at Debbie's Forum


why was eeeefarm’s not included?


eeeefarm only had 2 replies therefore she was not in the final photo submission.


Everyone who participated was included!


I’m not voting because I’m one of the names in the poll. :wink:
In the event that I win, please direct the prize as a donation to Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation.
It’s a good organization and it’s all for the kids.


The winner of our PHOTO CONTEST on our new forum is @Serinaj with photo "Varadero beach stole my hearth"

Congratulations @Serinaj and please check your PM so that I can get your info where to send prize!

Thank you all for playing it was fun to see all great photos! Stay tuned as there will be more contests coming!


BTBCF’s loss and Serinja’s gain. Congratulations. Nice photo.


Congratulations on winning the contest. Beautiful photo.


I’ve been off line for several days, so am getting caught up. Congrats to all who entered (I am a hopeless photographer). Serinaj had me looking at the photo several times. I think it was an amazing photo that took me a while to really get what the guy was carrying, I first thought he was carry a wedding gown and it took me a day or two to realize what he was really doing (I’m slow on the uptake at times). But I’ll bet Bob’s was so great, it was hard for people to call.


Thanks everyone! Every year I take hundreds of pictures with a digital camera. No edits. Just paradise at its purest… Thanks for the prize! Ill definitely be wearing it on my next Caribbean Vacation!


Thank you very much @Serinaj for letting us know that you received your prize! Its so nice of you!