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New resorts

i am travelling in april,any news of newly opened or recently renovated resorts.

Don’t have a list but I know the Moon Palace is new and supposed to be open…and many other resorts have either renovated or added new sections in the last year or so like Bahia, Majetic, EdenH etc…

Dreams La Romana and all the Dreams resorts have in the DR have been newly reno’d. I think most were Sunscape’s which were very nice resorts to start with. Now that they are Dreams they are BEAUTIFUL and Luxury. The great thing is that for a short period they are still priced at the Sunscape rates!! SO here is a GREAT chance to get Luxury at family resort rates!!

GO for it!!

We got a great rate through cheap carribean then called Libery travel and they matched the price

Grand Paradise Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata was closed for 6 months for major renovations. There’s a review by “Bob” in the reviews section http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/#
and it has a link to the pictures :smiley: It looks very nice.

We just got back from Majestic Colonial; and yes, the Elegance just opened. We walked over (it is connected) and from what I saw it looks pretty much completed except some shops still have to go in but you can go to the ones at the Colonial.

From walking the beach, we walked passed the Moon Palace (just opened) and spoke to a couple staying there. There were disappointed. Only 1 small section is open and not much else. No entertainmet yet, no shops and you get shuttled to another resort if you want a casino. Not even sure if the pool was open yet either; we didn’t see one. They told us wait a year before staying there. There are 1700 rooms at this resort and they are still doing construction.

We also walked by the Iberostar Grand. That looked pretty finished but still looked desolate. A few people on their beach in the chairs but that was all you saw. They had about 3 security people standing on the beach. You didn’t see much people action or a pool but the buildings looked nice so I don’t know how much is finished there. I think they were still shingling a roof to one of the buildings.

There was the Barcelo Premium which I heard has been open for 1 year; so still fairly new and probably have their glitches out now. Walked by that one too; looked really nice! You can see lots of oceanfront rooms at that resort!

Whatever you choose, enjoy!!

Only about 265 rooms of 1791 are opened - it’s gotta be like a ghost town…

Don’t know much about this one - maybe Karen y Joe can comment…

This resort has been a Barcelo Premium for over two years and before that was a Breezes PUJ and before that was LTI Sol de Plata PUJ. It’s been opened for a long time and is not new.


[quote=@gregg]This resort has been a Barcelo Premium for over two years and before that was a Breezes PUJ and before that was LTI Sol de Plata PUJ. It’s been opened for a long time and is not new.

Oops! I guess the guy we spoke to thought the Barcelo Premium he was staying at was fairly new; he told me it had been open for a year. I guess not all info you get from other tourists is always right! Now you mention that, we stayed at the Bahia in 2005 and I remember the Grand Paradise and Breezes down the beach before the Majestic was there…it looked totally different now. Thanks for clarifying that Gregg.

I saw the photos you took of Moon Palace and I noticed you had pictures of the Island room(jacuzzi to the side)did you think it was much bigger?Do you remember where the location of the Adult only rooms were?I booked it for next Jan ,but there hasn’t been many photos or info.Which layout did you like better?