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New Restaurants opened At Grand Palladium

The Brazilian restaurant opened last night at the Palladium near the Palace section and the Japanese restaurant will open next week. Just wanted to let people know that there will be new alacartes to try if you are vacationing there. We enjoyed our wek there.

[b]Where did you find this information?

Great news, always loved the Brazilian at F/R in POP[/b]

I was at the Grand Palladium Dec 26 to Jan 2 and saw the final stages of construction going on. …painting, window wasing , furnture being moved in. The two restaurnats are in one building. Management told me the thems of the restaurants and their opening days.

Are these 2 restaurants only available to Palace customers or Punta Cana and Bavaro sections also ?

I was under the impression that they were available to all like the other alacarte restaurants. Royal Gourmet is only available for the Royal Suites guests.

This is great news and will enhance a great resort.

The Palladium complex is always evolving and it is good to see that they are not resting on their laurels.


That’s great…looking forward to trying something new here too! I wonder if the Japanese restaurant will be busy like the ones at the other resorts we’ve been to? We were at the Japanese a la carte at the Bahia Punta Cana and it was awesome! They cook the food there right in from of you…really fun! It was full and pretty busy there too. At the Sirenis La Salina in Cuba…we couldn’t even get close to it…booked up all that week we were there.