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New Riu Vacation Countdown Timer


For anyone travelling to a Riu in the DR (or elsewhere actually) Rusty has added a new customized vacation countdown timer which can be used at the www.riubambu.com discussion board or at any other board (like here) where it is permitted.

Feel free to experiment.



I think Rusty should make a vacation banner that says “RUSTY ROCKS”. Because he does. Excellent work! That site really is something…one of these days I’m going to book a Riu property just so I have an excuse to pop over there more often :sunglasses:


I give him an A+++ for creativity. ;D


Rusty’s site is one of the most informative of all the sites on the INTERNET. Of course it doesn’t come close to Debbies but his info on the RIU is excellent.


Rusty should make a Debbie’s template for those who are not doing a RIU resort.

Excellent job though


Cool hopefully I will get something booked soon so I can use it! :wink:



Hi DDT Folk, just saw this post. Thanks!! Well I thought it was time to develope an evloving countdown ticker. It’s really cool! Ok, Here is what happens. 1) First you select your destination from a drop down menu 2) Select the date that you arrive at your resort 3) Select the date that you return. Then you get to select 3 photos. A) The first photo is for your countdown to your vacation i.e. “I’m off to the Riu Bachata in 20 days”, B) the 2nd photo is for when you are there i.e. “Tell the boss that I’m staying here!” C) and the 3rd photo is for when you arrive home i.e. “I don’t want to be home! Please send me back to my Riu Resort!”. Feel free to use it. Cheers. Rusty


Ps, Now it actually counts back up when you have arrived at your resort till you leave, and then changes images for the 3rd time when you return, and starts counting up again. :-[ Cheers. Rusty


COOL Rusty!

Thanks…as my wife now thinks that we should start a countdown of our own…which can only mean one thing!



Thats excellent… :slight_smile: THanks Rusty :slight_smile: I’m going to use it for my first trip to the Rius :slight_smile:


Yeah - I use Rusty’s counter too! Too bad my trip is still 91 days away…oh well…it will be exciting watching it count down!!

RIU BAMBU - HERE I COME!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: