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New Royal Decameron?


Hi - I know this is the Panama message board, but wondered if anyone could help me out.
We were at Royal Decameron Panama end of 2005 - we understand there is a new Royal Decameron just opened in El Salvador.
We are quite interested in this resort for the end of 2006.
Does anyone know anything about this resort?
Does anyone know where I can find some reviews?


I think I remember when I was talking to one of the activities guys, he told me that one of the dancers I remember from a previous trip was sent to El Salvador to run the ballet decameron at that resort. I really don’t know anything else but if I hear anything I will post.


Heres a link to the new resort…looks nice.


Hotel Royal Decameron Salinitas


Thanks Waterloo Traveller!
Yes, it really does look nice.
I am hoping some people will soon start writing reviews and I find reviews such a great help.


Very interesting! Thanks for this topic, reh…and the map, WaterlooTraveller. I like that it is a small resort. Let’s hope some reviews are soon written. When did it open? I just scanned the website…

Northgal :slight_smile: