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New Section suggestion: Mules

With travellers to Cuba frequently looking for a “mule” to transport a letter to someone in a particular area, I wonder if it might not be a good idea to either create a new section or to “sticky” a thread to that effect.

I’ve PM’d people on here in the past who had planned to travel to a specific resort and agreed to deliver letters for me. I would be very happy to do the same for someone else.

If it was a new section, it could be structured similar to the Cuba Meeting Place section whereby people include the name of the resort/area and the dates that they’re leaving. It could even be incorporated in the existing CMP section, with each thread prefaced with the word “Mule”.

If a “stickied” thread were included in this section (perhaps entitled “Mule”, people could scan within the thread for requests/offers). But, I think this option would be the least efficient.

What do y’all think? Is there enough interest for this?

Personally, I just send a PM to people who are listed in the Meeting Place and ask if they’ll take a letter for me when I need a mule.

When I’m booked for a specific resort, I send PMs to those members who I know have connections to the resort and offer to take letters/small packages for them. They’re happy that I’ve offered and always take me up on it.

This all happens in the “background” as I don’t post my vacation details in the Meeting Place.

I don’t always post my details in the CMP, but some of the times I have done so I have received several requests to “mule” letters and other things.

I have had requests to retrieved specific information from cubans for members here that “supposedly” were going to take certain items for their friends, only to return myself and find that those members didn’t take the “promised” items to the friend. I felt so badly for the Cuban upon our return to find that “his” friend from here had been back and didn’t bother with bringing his items. ( and waste of my vacation time to get the information)

I don’t mind taking letters, but I can only imagine that the requests might get out of hand if there were to be a “sticky” for it. JMO

If I see that someone is trying to find a tourist from the forum to take a letter, etc… to Cuba than I will put a sticky on it for a week or so. That way, anyone interested in delivering the letter/item will be able to respond.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

I have taken letters for people in the past, and I much prefer to offer than to be asked! With either a section for “mules” or a sticky, it gives people the opportunity to be helpful without putting them on the spot. Sometimes a person just wants to relax and not worry about finding folks they don’t know to deliver items…when asked, it can be difficult to refuse without feeling guilty. JMHO. :smiley:

That’s just it, eee. It gives the opportunity to be helpful without putting anyone on the spot.

On the occasion that I have PM’d a stranger who has posted in CMP or in the Cuba thread that they’re going to a resort where I would love to send a letter, I have contacted them with trepidation. I certainly don’t want to put anyone on the spot. But I would feel pretty bad if they said “no” to taking down a letter. I think having the person offer is a better option. Also, as someone else said, some people just want to go and enjoy their vacation and are simply not interested in or not comfortable acting as a postal service. So, a post in CMP should not necessarily be interpreted as an invitation to approach that person.

(Edited 'coz the “someone else” is still the same person. ;D)

I would like to clarify that I’m talking ONLY about letters/photos. Every letter that I’ve passed on to a traveler for delivery was in an unsealed envelope (to be sealed by the traveler) to ensure that it really is only a letter/photos. This is done for safety/security reasons. I would not risk bringing something into another country that I’m not 100% I know what it is.

Also, with the increasing restrictions on baggage allowance, I think it’s a little discourteous to request strangers to deliver items that might infringe on their luggage space. That’s just my opinion on that.

I think it’s a good idea.

Unlike zeuzeuse, I would not feel bad if someone refused to take even a letter - it’s entirely within their right, just like I would be entirely within my right to accept if I were asked. That being said, I have often brought letters and pictures when asked, but haven’t had to travel off-resort to do so. If I had to go into a nearby village or town to deliver a letter, I’m not sure I would agree to do it. And it goes without saying that I would never agree to bringing a sealed envelope - I’m not nosy, but I do want to know what I’m putting in my suitcase or my carry-on!

Interesting post. I very recently sent a package of clothes for a two-year old whose dad works at a resort in St. Lucia. In the box I included an unsealed note for the father. My husband and I had gotten to know (and admire) the child’s father while on a holiday. Boldly, I asked a lovely couple–whom I have “met” through another forum–if they would be so kind to deliver these gifts to the dad. It was quite an imposition since the people were not even staying at the resort in question, but I knew it was only a walk down the beach. Had they not been such genuinely decent and friendly human beings, I would never even have contemplated asking them to do such a thing. Well, they are due home soon and I can’t wait to hear if they made contact. All this being said, I would not hesitate to take any unsealed envelope and if my weight allotment would allow it, a light package of whatever. I see it as a small way I can help out people less fortunate than myself. Travelchick

One thing I am especially careful about is the relationship between the forum member and their friend at the resort.

I will no longer take “love” letters. My last vacation was quite unpleasant!! The resort worker was a bit careless about storing the letter I had brought down from his lady friend and it fell into the hands of his “flavour of the week”. This woman made it a point to harrass and grill me for most of my week’s vacation as she was determined to find out more about the forum member whose letter I had muled.

I’m indifferent about whether a new section be created for “mules”/couriers. I don’t feel guilty about refusing a request and am more than happy to oblige those requests that fit into my own comfort level.

“… The resort worker was a bit careless about storing the letter I had brought down from his lady friend and it fell into the hands of his “flavour of the week”…”

Sorry, but that made me laugh. Soooooo predictable… :wink:

I got a chuckle out of that too even before I scrolled down and saw Martians reply.
So Cuban!!!

I like the idea. :sunglasses: