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New Tax in DR?

Has anyone heard anything about this? I read it on Sosua News this morning?

Tourists must pay 15$ at customs (Super Tucano)
The Dominican Air Force has purchased a number of propeller aircraft (‘Súper Tucano’s’) to help in the fight against drug smugglers. The government has borrowed 92 million dollars (to pay for these aircraft) from the American government, and plans to generate funds to cover this amount by charging tourists an extra tax. When entering or leaving the country, tourists will be charged 15$ from 1 February onwards. It is not if this is a temporary charge, which will cease once the aircraft are paid for, or whether this is a permanent tax.

As if we don’t pay enough taxes!!!

It’s already in effect for scheduled flights.
Regular scheduled flights were $10 departure tax and $10 entrance (tourist), now $15 departure and $10 entrance.
Charters were always different than regular schedules flights.
It’s due to come into affect for charter flights on May 1, but the word is that it likely will be recinded before that time.