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New to Jamaica


I have been looking for a pkg for April out of the Maritimes and last evening Jamaica caught my eye. I have been to Cuba three times and am quite lost when I am reading about the Jamaican resorts. The one that I was interested in and was looking up was RIU Tropical Bay. I followed a link to Orbitz and there it listed transportation to and from the airport as notincluded in the AI rate. I see the airport is 90 min from the resort. Is this true for other resorts and about how much would this transportation cost?



Jamaica has a lot to offer, and the Riu Tropical is a good resort to start with.

It’s located in Negril which is approximately 90 minutes from the airport. The road to Negril is much better now that they have rebuilt it.

Negril has a wonderful beach, it’s about the closest you’ll get to a Cuban beach in Jamaica.

Negril is more laid back than other regions of Jamaica, and appeals mainly to couples and families.

As far as I know airport transfers are still included in the Canadian packages. They’ve always been included in our trips.

New2Cuba (Wendy) was at the Riu Tropical last year, and she loved it.

Send her a pm or an email and I’m sure that she’ll be delighted to give you the scoop on this resort.


:slight_smile: Thanks for that information Flopnfly. I never thought about the U.S… aspect when I looked in Orbitz. Thanks also for pointing me to Wendy. I knew she went to Jamaica but that shows you how much I know about Jamaica!