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New to travel

Hello all! Firstly thank you for such a great resource!

This will be my first time out of N.A… and I have a question in regards to passports…

Will I need one for Punta Cana? I read somewhere I would not… We are flying out of Toronto non-stop both ways with air transat…

We have booked at Punta Cana Princess… any thoughts on this resort?

Thanks in advance!


If you’re Canadian, you can get by with a birth certificate and a government issued photo id. However, a passport is the best identification to use.

Thanks Bob,

Yes we are both Canadian citizens, we are booked to depart on April 17th.

Thanks for the info!

Can I expect hassles if we do not get passports?


No more than with your passports, show your Birth Certificate and photo i.d.