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New topic:


Okay, you want to chat?? ;D

Since most of us have been to the Decameron, I think we can answer this question–

What are the top two reasons which would prompt you to return to the Decameron?

For myself:

a) I loved our oceanfront room “up in the trees” with its fab view of Old Corotu and the beach.

b) The wonderful excursions that could be done from it… i.e. the Embera, the Canal, and Anton Valley.

Let’s get this discussion going! ;D

Northgal :sunglasses:


Howdy Doody Northgal:

Two top reasons…only two? :’(

  1. Love the workers…such a friendly bunch
  2. Beautiful manicured grounds

Sniff sniff…are you sure only two? :-/


Hi Northgal,

Just asking a question (haven’t been there yet :slight_smile: but hoping to book this week! ;D

There are 6 of us going, but hubby and I would like the 10/4 split. I noticed on line that nolitours have it but no pricing as of yet.
Do you recall or have you tried the 10/4 split? I think, for us, it would be great as we would finish the holidays off with the canal, shopping and hmmmm maybe the spa…

Just wondering tho if it will be alot more or not…
thanks for your input!


Hi lynnb!

We did the 10/4 but went to the Gamboa instead of the Decapolis. I highly recommend seeing the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. But, people we met loved the Decapolis and you can go out to the Gamboa for a day’s excursion from it. Were we to do it again, I would opt to do the 10-4 between the Decameron and the Decapolis with the certainty of doing Gamboa one day.

I really don’t know anything about the pricing for the D-D trip. I think we paid around $2000 for the 14 days…it was reasonable.

If you have anything else to ask, please p.m. me. :slight_smile:

Northgal :sunglasses:


OK, I had to take some time to think about this question because I (like Bebbie) agree that it is hard to come up with only two reasons.

Having said that her are my top two reasons I keep returning to Decameron.

1- The staff- Everyone including front desk, housekeepers, waiters bartenders and especially the animaition staff and dancers have always been so nice. And they always make me feel special when I am there.
2- The atmosphere- this includes the well manicured grounds, the music, and the culture.

Oh I can’t wait for September!!!



lynnb I’ll just fire off a reply to your ? before leaving for Toronto and Panama. Nolitours is not offering the 10/4 split this summer. If you phone them through a travel agent they will do a 7/7 split. We tried to get the 10/4 before booking because it was great last year but they would not do it and we thought 7/7 would be too long in the city, so we just took the 2 weeks on the resort and are going to leave by ourselves for a few days. Hope this helps. LS


Hi, thanks for the info.,

Well we are booked!!! Now the darned waiting starts…
Our agent here is staying in contact to see more info on the split. I agree i don’t think we would like the 7/7, 10/4 would be much better. I guess if we can’t get the 10/4 will just have to do tours into the city. such a shame tho, would have been nice to have the last four days there.

another question, when taking the canal full day tour, do they bring you to the city to board? or do you get on board elsewhere? I guess what i’m getting at is the time line. I think i read somewhere that it is from 9-4 approx. So would that mean leaving at 7am from the resort to get there by 9:00…

Look out, the questions will be coming!!


lynnb, you may still get some time in the city. When we were there in June, they were looking for people to spend the last night at the Decapolis (I guess the Decameron was overbooked) so we took them up on it. There were some people on the bus who were going for two nights, I think. It is a good option if you want a quick trip to the city. I wasn’t too impressed with it - the AI plan limited which restaurants we could use and there was a separate menu, etc. If you think this may be an option for you, make sure the men in your group pack long pants & closed toed shoes because they are militant about not allowing you anywhere near the lobby bar or in the restaurants if not dressed properly. (Kind of sucks when you are only allowed in one restaurant and not prepared for the dress code.) The Decapolis seemed snooty to me, but we spoke to others who loved it there, so I guess it’s just the hick in me coming out. The rooms were nice (if somewhat ikea-ish), the food was good and it is right across from the Multicentro mall.


The smell…the ambience of the resort is fantastic.

The fact it is SO different from any other resort in the world. No comparables.


Lynnb We just got back and they did offer us time at the Decapolis because of overbooking. We left the Friday at 3.00. The week before apparantly people got to go there on Wed. but out week it was only Fri. Keep in mind though, jcb is right this year the Decapolis is barely all-inclusive. They make you eat dinner in the cafeteria style restaurant and give you a limited buffet. The lunch is in the nice restauant with a limited menu, but the red wine is very good, better than at the Decameron.I feel bad because I recommended the Decapolis to people and wrote a reviewand this year it is not as good as last year. If you want to do day trips to the city, they have cancelled the free shuttle but if you ask at the front desk for the Panama city bus they will order it for you. It costs $5.00 per person each direction and it lets you off at the Albrook bus terminal. You catch it back downstairs at the same terminal. You but a ticket at the Anton booth and tell them you want the hotel. Then they will bring you to the front gate of the Decameron. Don’t freak out when the bus takes a different route on the way back like we did. It still gets you there. The Albrook terminal is right across from the Albrook shopping centre, a very good mall and there are tons of taxis there to take you to the canal or anywhere else you want to go. Make sure you ask at the front desk of the hotel though, the Nolitour rep when we were there wasn’t very helpful and they like you to take the tours.


Hey thanks for the info.
I do like the idea of the Decapolis, mostly for the fact that i get an extra couple hours sleep on the returning day home.
I like the idea of the 5.00 bus ride to the city too. Does it take the 2 hours also?


Lynnb. Yeah it takes about 2 hours. Lots of stops along the way to pick up the locals. But they are really quick. In fact someone outside the bus tried to put a bag of chips through the door to sell and the conductor closed the door with the chips still inside. Have fun. LS