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New Year's Gala?

We are planning to be holidaying at an AI resort in the Dominican over New Year’s this year. Almost all of the resorts say “New Year’s Gala included”. What do they mean by this? I realize different resorts may do different things but could I please have as many comments re this from the different DR resorts as possible? As to what did they provide…what did you do…food…entertainment etc.

I would like to know that aswell as i will be in the sun village over new years eve, not sure if they do anything!

Hi, lilyv & molly6726,
We have spent Christmas & New Year’s in the DR 5 times now. A different resort each time and they all offer similar New Year’s Galas…a fancy dinner (usually with assigned seating - you can pick an early or later time) Most have delivered a Xmas & NewYear’s menu to your room, and the selections and offerings are ‘varied & delicious’. They cookstaff really ‘go above & beyond’ in their service. Everyone (almost everyone) is ‘dressed to the nines’ but not formal! Fancy dresses & bling for the ladies & nice dress shirts & kahkis or linen pants for the guys.
The resorts are decorated with lighted trees and very festive! After dinner guests can enjoy the entertainment, usually there is a ‘house band’ for dancing and they give out noise-makers, hats, whistles, streamers etc. for the 'countdown.
Fireworks on the beach are the usual for New Years. And it is a blast!
The resorts we’ve been to in Puerto Plata for the holidays all held very similar Gala Celebrations. I’ve never heard of a resort doing ‘nothing’ for the holidays. Go and enjoy! ;D

Thanks tanlines! So for this fancy dinner…do they spread people out among the a la cartes or in the buffet? Or somewhere else? We will not be arriving until AFTER Christmas (probably Dec. 27 or 28)so will we still get invitations etc for the New Year’s Gala? Do we need to register for that or will they come to us (so to speak!).

we have done new years 3 times adn each time was a different experience. some resorts have scheduled seating, you pick one of 2 time slots a day before. Others it was come and go like a normal buffet. The resort will let you know either when you arrive or slip a note under your door a day or two before the event. some resorts have all restaurants closed down and only one special area open and others use all rooms as needed. You really should narrow down your hotel choices and then ask about your favorites, this way you will get more specific info on those places and what they have done in the past.
we alsways had a great dinner with seafood for those lovers and fire works. chanpagne towers, all the loot stuff, the women get roses usually, and lots of nice ice scuptures