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Newbie....so many questions



I am planning to go to Punta Cana with my bf near the end of April for a week. We are going with Sunwing to Sunscape Beach. So excited!

This is our first time going to DR and I don’t know many “policies”. Hope you don’t mind that I just list my questions here.

  1. Do you guys usually bring your own bottled water?
  2. If I bring a large suitcase, will that be weired?
  3. What is the usual procedure after the plane is landed?
  4. How much and how often should you tip? (The bartender, maid, driver, etc.)
  5. What is "nightly turned down service"?
  6. How many outfit should I bring?
  7. Would it be cool in the night, do I need to bring a sweatshirt?
  8. How should I tip? With USD or with items (e.g. toothpaste)? I heard from somewhere that items would be a good choice too. Is that true?

I am very confuse with the tipping thing. I don’t have too much extra $$ to tip alot, will that affect the service?

Thanks alot everyone~


Welcome Flora! I don’t have answers for all, but will answer what I can…

  1. Bottled water should be provided for you by your resort in the mini bar.

  2. I say tip when you want to and when you think somone deserves it.

  3. Most suggest that you leave the maid a tip every day…the amount is your choice.

  4. That would be when the maid comes in and turns down the bed (top covers) for you and typically replinishes towels, and maybe leaves chocolates or mints on the pillow.

  5. of outfits depends on your usual dressing requirements…

  6. It never hurts to have a light sweater for the evenings.

  7. Again up to you, some suggest $, some items, some suggest using both.

From the reviews I have read most ppl did not see a difference in the service when they didn’t tip. Hope this helps a bit…


We just came back from Breezes. We tipped the maid and the water delivery everyday. We also tipped the waiters in the ala cartes, I found the buffet servers to be lacking. We had lots of bottled water in our room , if you want more ask. We left a gift with our tip to the maids every 3 days. I only needed a sweater one night. We took too many clothes and did’nt wear them. You are in a bathing suit most of the time and you are only in your evening clothes a few hours so they don’t get dirty.


Knilla is right,
Don’t over pack. Each year I take less and less…and each year I say…gee…I overpacked again!

  1. No
  2. No.
  3. Through customs, pick up luggage , then find tour rep and bus,
  4. Whnever you feel like tipping.
  5. Maid come in and turn down the bed, simple not a big deal
  6. One for every second day
  7. can’t hurt, a wind shell doesnt take much space
  8. US$ for tips