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Newbie to CR with usual questions!


Hi all

Wondering is someone could give me the low down on things like

Best money to bring?

I am sure I will have more questions as time goes on!




Hey Deb… welcome to the CR forum…

The electrical supply is the same voltage as Canada… but it much of it comes from geothermal and wind…

We took US dollars and had no issues anywhere.



We stayed at the GP last March, you won’t be disappointed. Great place, nightlife is a bit slow but overall a nice resort. Make your reservations early for the restaurants and claim your spot by the pool in the morning if you want a prime spot or hut. Beach area is a bit quieter if thats what your looking for. Have fun and don’t pet the monkeys!!


Hi Debbie
We stayed there last March as well. Feel free to ask any questions as you think of them.


Thanks everyone, appreciate the help! I am pretty excited about visiting a new place and am happy I will not need converters, and I will bring US money!

We are going to be able to choose either 2 or 3 excursions, and will ask again for advice once I see the options available to us.
Two years ago in Jamaica, our TA (who they always book with) accompanied us to the resort and did all the concierge work for us, and I imagine he will do it again!

Anyway, check back in a few days!



Many folks on the site ( including me) have used "Vargas-Papagayo Tours " to do their excursions in the Guanacaste Province of CR. They are great, offering personallized tours in small groups.



Okay another question!
It is the norm to bring gifts for the maids and staff?



I would say not to the extent that it is so for Cuba… The CR people have access to most things if they have the money to purchase… Some gift I am sure would be Happily accepted but tips of cash are fine.


[quote author=debmich board=Costa thread=1163201996 post=1169418464]Okay another question!
It is the norm to bring gifts for the maids and staff?


No the “gifting” that we do when we travel to Cuba is not the norm for Costa Rica.

The amount of the tip for Costa Rica is also higher than what is usually given in Cuba, although considering you’re vacationing at an all-inclusive resort, any tipping is strictly a personal preference.

Having our checked-in luggage stay within the weight limits only seems to be a problem when we travel to Cuba :wink:

Enjoy Costa Rica because it’s fabulous!


Are there ATM’s available?

I have heard that the resort we are going to is the Occidental Grand Papagayo and have heard it is a bit remote? So if ATM’s are available in CR, maybe they are not all that accessible to this resort?



There are ATMs but we never used them so not sure of locations, perhaps others can help here…

But if you are on a tour with Vargas-Papagayo Tours , know they will stop at ATMs if you need to.


Thanks to everyone, you have all been very helpful!



Am not sure if there are ATMs near your hotel, but we used them in Liberia and Playa del Coco. There is also one in the big hardware store on the highway from the airport. The one in Coco (by the Super Luperon) was a bit moody (accepted my card but not Hub’s and we heard others had a bit of trouble,too), but the machine we used in Liberia was fine and even had a choice of USD or Colones. If I remember correctly Vargas-Papagayo tours are very accommodating about stopping by ATMs if anyone needs one.

Have fun! I’m so jealous.





Deb… when do you go?


We leave on the 19th!
Any idea about cell phones? Do they work there?



Your cell phones from Canada & the US won’t work here.
ATM’s in Liberia and at the Do It Centre work .

Debmich - are you flying in on Continental on the 19th. If so, my family arrives then so I may see you at the airport!


We are flying in on SKyservice and will be landing just before 5pm.
It would be nice to say hi!