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Hi I’m new to this website. We will be going to Dreams hotel, Bavaro next January. This will be our first trip to DR. We have been recommended this hotel so hopefully we won’t be disappointed. I’ve joined the forum because I want to learn more about where we are going before we actually go.

One of the questions I have is - what kind of weather can we expect mid January?

Welcome, … well we are sure you will fall in love with the DR like the rest of us have…

Cold presidente, lovely beaches, cold presidente, warm oceans, even warmer people, and did I mention the cold presidente :slight_smile:

We always travel 9th -23rd of January…

Never had bad weather yet…knock on wood… Usually low to mid thirties… feels more like high thirties… beautiful ocean breezes…
and best of all… NO S***

Thanks for the reply and welcome. I see from your ticker tht you are staying at Dreams too. We will be there 19th January.

Well we wont be there that morning…but would be glad to buy you a welcome drink later that afternoon…

Going deepsea fishing with Fisherman Mike (MikeFisher) that morning… birthday present for the gf…her birthday is the 19th… thats why we always go to the DR during those weeks…

Told her, if it ever S**** on her birthday, she is in BIG TROUBLE!!!

Hi there and welcome to the forums! Dreams palm Beach ( I assume that is the Dreams you will be going to) is just in the finishing stages of thier makeover from the former Sunscape.
It is located on a picturesque stretch of beach in an area known as Cabeza del Toro…home to some celebrities!!! Well…at least he holds celebrity status on the forums…Mike Fisher!

There is a small community in the area…really not much…but not isolated. You are about 15 minutes drive on decent roads from the airport…no long drive to get there…or to come back!

Our AMresorts expert… Ms. Baltobabe is probably your best source of upto date info on the resort, as she is frequently in contact with resort officials and staff.

Have a great vacation!!!



Hi there!

Welcome Aboard! Which of the Dreams will you be going to?

In January there will be 2 Dreams Resorts in the Punta Cana

The one that has been there the longest is Dreams Punta Cana it is about 50 minutes from the airport.

You can see the map of the resort and where it is located in this album:


click on the pic above to explore…there are pics and info in this album all about Dreams Punta Cana!

You can see some info about what will be Dreams Palm Beach in the album below…it is about 20 minutes from the airport …before it was a Dreams it was briefly a SUNscape and also an Allegro!

I have 2 albums I can share with you I was there last January and again in April…it had closed down in June so it could transition into Dreams Palm Beach!


some of what is on the map and in the album will be changing but the locations of the rooms buildings will be the same so it will give you an idea of what it will be…

Here is a link to my April Trip!


I have been to all 3 of the Dreams resorts and would be happy to try to answer any specific questions you may have on them.

Hope some of the above is helpful!

Happy Travels!
bb/mt ;D

PS/ Mike Thanks for the “shout out”…I may have over done…giving “ilovemyholidays” both Dreams PC and Dreams PB…LOL! But you know me…I want everyone to have all the info…

Oh…here is the resort website:


from this point go to the left and click “visit our resorts” then choose which one you want to explore…when you arrive at that…then use the top drop down menu t o explore some more!

Happy Travels!


Thanks for all your replies. The hotel we are staying at is called Dream Punta Cana Resort and Spa. So which one is that? As I am vegetarian one of my concerns is that I will find it easy to avoid eating meat and knowing there is no hidden meat in some of the dishes.

Dreams Punta Cana is the first map I have posted in my post above.

You won’t have any problems avoiding meet.

You can send a note down to Eileen the Chief Concierge if you have any concerns…but I have had many folks who also are vegatarians and were happy with the choices.

Here is Eileens Email:

Eileen Ostos

Happy Travels to you!

bb/mt ;D

Thanks I’ve had a look at your links and the first one - wow the photos are fantastic. Someone we know came back just over one week ago from the same hotel, in fact she has recommended it to us. She couldn’t find fault with anything and she is now an all inclusive convert. We’ve not done AI before but done 3 cruises. One of them we visited La Romana but only to get off the flight from the UK and board our ship. We did a Caribbean cruise and I always said I wanted to come back and laze on the beach a lot more there. Hubby has taken some convincing to come to DR but our friend’s advice has helped. I may be asking you other questions later. One of them is do we need vaccinations before we come out?

The vacination question is one that is best talked to with your own Doctor.

I travel from the USA and do not get shots anymore. When I first started traveling I did get my Hep A shots and now am fine for another 10 years I think it is.

As for other meds I don’t bother.

I take plenty of insect repellent to avoid mosquitos…but have never really been bothered by them on any of my trips…

I am around a lot and always happy to try and answer…

Happy Planning
Happy Travels!
bb/mt ;D

Just the standard ones, good for anywhere in the world, including where you live (tetanus, polio, hep A/B). The one in question is the malaria pills (not an injection) and that’s between you and your medical adviser. AFAIK, there are no malaria advisories posted. We will be traveling in December, and unless something changes, this time we won’t be taking the medications …

Bob I just checked the PHAC Site and it still lists an advisory for Malaria for the DR


It says the advisories are in effect until removed. (the malaria one hasn’t been updated since feb 08)

Malaria is endemic to the region and they’ll always err on the side of caution. And from their site "Antimalarial medications decrease the risk of developing symptomatic malaria. Your individual need for antimalarial medications should be discussed with your physician or travel medicine professional at least 6 weeks before travel. "

It is just heat “an advisory” not a warning as some of the other diseases are.

"Level 1
Travel Health Advisories
Involve health risks posed by known infectious diseases or conditions within a particular geographic location. In general, the advice deals with risks that are restricted entirely to the traveller and have no potential implications for the non-travelling Canadian population.

Travel Health Advisories are issued to protect the health of Canadians by encouraging healthy travel abroad through the provision of recommendations on vaccination, preventative medication and personal protective measures that may be taken to reduce identified health risks.

Level 2
Travel Health Warnings
Issued, in general, when there are elements of uncertainty concerning the risk of an identified illness at a particular destination or when the health risk to Canadian travellers is high. A travel health warning may recommend the postponement of all non-essential travel to that destination.

Travel Health Warnings are issued to protect the health of Canadian travellers by providing recommendations on vaccination, preventative medication, personal protective measures, and where necessary the postponement of non-essential travel.

Level 3
Travel Restrictions
Issued, in general, when a risk involving a dangerous contagious disease that would have serious implications for both the traveller and the general Canadian population has been identified. A travel restriction could recommend the suspension of all travel to or from a particular region and/or mandatory quarantine for travellers arriving from a particular region. A Travel Restriction would require ministerial authority.

To protect the health of Canadian travellers and the Canadian public by limiting travel in order to prevent the importation of a highly pathogenic infectious disease into Canada. "


[sub]I saw 3 mosquitoes in 2 trips last month and an ant in my room[/sub].

Thanks for clearing that up for me guys!