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NH Krystal Laguna

Hola Everyone!
After several trips to the DR we finaly decided to try Cuba. We narrowed down our choice do Cayo Coco NH Krystal Laguna Resorts. Does anybody know anything important that I should know about this resort and what should I expect. Is there anything to do outside like trips or places to visit etc… Is there a town near buy? Any information will be glady appreciated.
So please feel free to give me your feeback on the area of Cuba and on this resort.

Thanks in advance!!


Have you read this?..


I love the design of the hotel - walkways on pontoons across the lagoon. My favourite rooms are the villas on stilts.

Like all the resorts on Cayo Coco, the nearest town is Morón. (About 45 minutes drive.)

I find the causeway to the mainland an interesting drive. A little way onto the mainland in the “Dutch” village - I am not sure if there is anything worth visiting. Further south, there is the Laguna Redondo, where you can get boat rides through the mangrove swamp.

On the edge of Morón is Patria, where there is a museum in the sugar central. Also nearby is a crocodile farm.

If you go into town and then a little way back out to the north, there is the Laguna de Leche (“Lake of Milk”) - the largest natural lake in Cuba.

So from what you tell me besides the resort there is not much to do… Cna you rent a jeep or moped or something and drive around or is it too dangerous. Is there tours to the croc farm or anywhere else from this resort?



I don’t know about tours from the resort itself - but I am sure there are a range.

You can certainly hire a car from nearby - I don’t know where there is moped rental.

I normally have a car - and so wander independently. (And have only stayed in the hotel odd days - not for long periods).

There were several threads a month or so ago on things to do from Cayo Coco - perhaps try searching.

There is also the possibility of a trip to Havana - flying to and fro.

We were there last week and I have a couple of tips for you:

  1. Read the reviews VERY carefully here and on tripadvisor.com, this seems to be a love em or hate em resort (personally I love it). Review the plusses and minuses and determine if this right for you.
  2. As far as tours go and things to do off the resort, the catamaran is good, the jungleboat tour not so much.
  3. This resort has a great beach, if you are going for a vacation to plant your butt in a beach chair you will probably enjoy this resort. If you are looking for more things to do and more culture or trips to town etc you may want to try elsewhere.

Any other questions just ask!

Hola Again!
I heard today that they have a serious fly problem because of the Lagoon. I guess that the cabins that are over the lagoon can be filled with fly’s sometimes. Any word on this?


Hi, I’m a 21 time repeater to the DR, so going to Cayo Coco, I felt a little aprehensive as my previous trips to Varadero were OK. I just loved the NH Krystal, I was actually quite impressed. The beach was awesome, the pool was great and the staff, they made the trip. The food wasn’t quite as good as the DR (IMHO) but I sure didn’t starve, there was plenty of choice (see my review Nov 2008 TK& WH) As for activities, can’t elaborate there as I parked my butt in a lounge with a book and a cerveza.

Regarding flies, I don’t recall flies being an issue, but mesquitos at night, now there was an issue. The repellant we took, I think they laughed at it, you really need the “Deep Woods” stuff. They did the ghost buster thing every night around the whole resort, but I don’t know how much good that did.

We stayed in the villas over the water last week and saw no flies at all. Out on the balcony around dusk you might get a few no seeums similar to the rest of the island but nothing drastic.

if you stay in the villa’s, and like to go out on the balcony with a beer or two, to read a book at night, and your wife likes to go to the two or three hour show they put on at night, and you just feeling like hanging out and you happen to close the patio door and the only way to get back into your room is to swim in the lagoon with the jelly fish or wait for your wife to come back so you can get back in the room because the door locked behind you, but you really really need to pee.
You’ll probably be the second person that this has happened to.
It really is a good resort, a lot of the people that complain now are people that went when it was El Senador, and to me it was a 5 star plus then, now those people go back and expect it to still be a 5 but it’s not.
The best thing is the people there are still great and no matter what, you can’t beat the beach.
Also, great snorkeling if you take the glass bottom boat, and bring a loaf of bread