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NH Real nightlife?

Would like to hear from folks who’ve been there (recently) - Is there any nightlife? If so, what are your comments?

We’ve heard there is no disco - OK. We’re not all-night party-ers (any more!), but we would like some info. on what the options are. Thanks! (Hic!)

There’s no official disco but they have disco night at the Lobby Bar. There’s also the Tanthra Bar which opens at 10PM and mostly hiphop I guess you could call it.

Nightlife in PC in general is not a priority or prevalent. It’s not like Cancun or other livelyer destination, it’s a more relaxed athmosphere.

If you are looking for real nightlife, you may have have the wrong place. We just retrunded form PC, at NH for the 2nd time and nightlife is not really strong at all.

There’s a Sprots Bar as well but again, not lively, 3 pool tables, TVs with Sprots channels and 4 lane bowling alley. There are nightly shows in the
Court Yard, weather permitting but not disco type. there’s also an Auditorium with shos as well but likely not waht you are looking for.

We are in our mid and late forty’s, met 2 couples/friends, mid thirtys and mid fortys as well we all agree that that resort is more for a relaxing setting. We did not venture off resort in evening, only during the day.