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Nice review of the Riu's in PUJ


Toronto Sun travel section.


Yes, great review of the new Riu Palace Bavaro, my wife and myself just returned from a week in the sun, and my impression differs a lot from that review. We spent a week last year at the Royal Suites Turquesa, and we expected a similiar experience.
Not even close. Let me list the differences.
The big problem is the beach. Lots of little rocks in the sand, which has never been corrected from the construction.
Food was also a problem. While overall pretty good,the pizza hotdogs and hamburgs for lunch were not good compared to the RS, and I noticed the hotdogs being boiled, not grilled. I know we don’t go the the DR for hotdogs, but it is nice to grab one while on the beach for lunch.
The 24 hour sports bar’s food was in a refrigerator, and to warm it up, you had to microwave it. That to me is totally unacceptable. There was no beach service, and only one beach bar, not on the beach but close, nearer to pool.
And one final problem was the outdoor entertainment centre. We initially got a room right above it, not knowing what was to happen. Around 9pm, the music started and it was so noisy in our room, we couldn’t even sleep. Our first night, being up since 2am the night before, we were both exausted by the next day.
Eventually changed rooms, but our first full day we spent in a daze. Personally, I would not go back to the Riu’s, as I suspect that they are microwaving some of their food at the buffet. I noticed in the morning the potatoes were rubbery, a sure sign of microwaving.
Don’t get me wrong, I have been to the Riu’s four times in Punta Cana, and have had great times, but was very disappointed this year. I will be going to the Royal Suites next year, as we had our best vacation at that resort. The two special ala carts restaurants were exceptional. The RS should be rated at least a full star ahead of the Riu Palace Bavaro.
I would be interested if anyone else had been to the resort and how their experience was.


Good to know Runner1 as I was wondering about it. I also have been to the Royal Suites Turquesa and I love that place. Have not been for a few years because the flights to our other favorite place in Cuba(Iberostar Ensenachos) have been so great from Halifax, we have been going back each year. If and when the flights change we will go back to PC and the Turquesa. The only draw back for us in PC is all the motorized boat traffic and the fumes on the beach. My hubby also likes to fish and snorkel right off the beach which you really can’t do in that area of PC. Ensenachos on the other hand has not boat traffic, can fish and he can snorkel. Only one resort so it’s like our own private place. Love it.

Turquesa, we do miss it. Glad that it is still as great as ever.