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Night Clubs in Punta Cana


#smilie_flagge13# Were getting married in Punta Cana. My friends sister went to a club around Punta Cana but she dosn’t know the name. She said the night club was outside on the beach were they had live banks and bon fires all over the beach. Does anyone know of such a place, It would be a great help
Thanks mcspooky


First of all congrats. on your upcoming wedding and I would assume my invitation is in the mail. ;D However I can’t think of which resort you are referring to. I’m sure there will be members in here who will be answering your questions :sunglasses:


This description does not apply to any of the 3 main ones I know, sounds like a tropical style disco. I did go to one such place in Juan Dolio but have personally never visited this style of disco in Punta Cana, would be interested to hear if others know this place. :slight_smile: