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Night Life in Punta Cana

Searched for subject but still have no info about that.

Does anybody know any places we must visit in PC to have some fun at night? Casino is good but I think its quite boring for 26/30 yo couple. :stuck_out_tongue: Where should we go to dance and to meet interesting and easy people?
I’ve heard smth about beach partys in Barcelo Bavaro(? not sure).
We will stay at Grand Oasis.

Thanx a lot.

Hi Asya,

There are a lot of places to go at night. I would recomended you IMAGINE. It is a big disco into millenary caves. They have a transfer from your hotel to the disco and back. The disco is nice and the staff super!!.

Enjoy PC.

I would also recommend Mangu which is on the Occidental Grand Flamenco property. I am not sure how far of a cab ride the would be from Grand oasis

30 minutes minimum

Off resort, there are quite a few opportunities, all of which will require a drive from where you are staying.

Imagine is the area’s newest dance spot, as mentioned…in a cave. it is kind of in the middle of nowhere, thus if you are looking to try a few places, it is not too convenient
Hotspot is also a cave located bar, more chillout than dance and centrally located in Bavaro, which also offers Mangu and Arieto…two popular nightclubs close to the Hotspot (5 minutes cab).

At Palma Real Shopping, you have Hard Rock Cafe, offering live music some nights, as well as Montecristo’s…more of a Latino bar.

I was able to enjoy the evening at The Photo Bar ( Casa de Piedra)on Friday night…live music…coffee house…bistro ambience, located in Cortecito. Food was excellent…I will be making this a regular Friday stop!

As you can see, if you want to kick it up a notch, there is no problem…it just requires a ride to get there!



Thanks to everyone!

to gibson:
big disco into millenary caves - sounds really cool! Will certainly try it!

to puntacanamike:
Nice selection :wink: By the way how much time does it usually take to go to Imagine (you said it’s not too convenient) and what is taxi fare?

From Oasis, you are looking at 20 minutes drive. They do have a comp shuttle. If you want to take a cab from Img to Bavaro, about 20 minutes and about $22.



Clear enough! :wink: about 50$ for round trip.

By the way, do we need to pay for entrance in both places?

Hi asya,

You can go to imagine disco with the shuttle (hotel-disco-hotel). I think there are some fares : 40 US$ (transfer all your stay in PUJ + entrance + 3 drinks)/ 20 US$ (transfer + entrance for one night + 1 drink). If you want to see more info and photos: ww.imaginepuntacana.com

Enjoy Punta cana!!!