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Nightlife and waves at Holiday Village

Is there good nightlife at HV? And how are the waves?

There’s both a casino and disco on site.
There are several clubs/bars at the plaza (nearby).
You’re at the ‘less calm’ end of the beach, but unless there’s a storm, there shouldn’t be any issues with the waves.

Nightlife, well not really, we spent most of our evening upstairs in the adults only lounge.

waves will be around 2-3 feet maybe more depending on weather conditions…great for surfing

Keep the info coming I will be there in 11 days. Any detail is apreciated. Thank you.

Hi VinceDiane,

I was browsing on another site and found this info that you might find helpful…It was in regards to nightlife. I was looking for nightlife in POP too…

…’'Yes I live here, over 5 years now. Club hopping is not an issue normally but I dont know for New Year’s Eve. For that night I would stick to the area of the hotel - the Lounge at Ocean World will put on a good party.

Coming into Puerto Plata, leave the hotel about 9 or 9:30 - start at Rancho Tipico, then move on to La Canita, then Terraza Caribe and finish at Enigma - from there back to your hotel … 4 dominican clubs in one night will do you fine…LOL

PLaya Dorada - don’t go out until after 11 pm. Start at the plaza where you will find hemingways roadway and the new club coco bongo. If you run out of clubs you can go to Paradise hotel to Crazy Moon. That again should do you for a whole night…

I would suggest for the biggest night of your holiday go to The Lighthouse at Ocean World – this will be big on NYE, its smart, stylish and the more affiant people will be there on this night!’’


We’ll see you there! ;D