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Nightly entertainment



Thought I would start a thread about the nightly entertainment. Any input is fine. :slight_smile:

For anyone new going to this resort - you sit on concrete or plastic (I think it was plastic) chairs. Kind of hard on the derriere :P, but well worth it.

We plan on attending the shows when we return, but might consider bringing a towel to use as a seat cushion.

8-)Bebbie :sunglasses:


Have you been to the casino? Curious to see what kind of $ I might lose, lol!

Can I assume the entertainment includes audience participation/contests?


great question Nec! wow 10 days good for you. also, would that be Timmons?
Bebbie have you been to the casino? I don’t gamble myself (work to hard for my $'s :slight_smile: ) but would like to see it none the less. or is it better to wait until we get into Panama City itself and go to the one attached to the Rad?


Great guess, lynnb but it’s Bancroft…my other half is presently in your neck of the woods
and says it’s unbearably cold… I feel for you!

I was hoping the casino was maybe local currency…maybe use the coins we have leftover on the last day… not much of a gambler myself but I enjoy the atmosphere


If I remember correctly it’s American currency that the casino takes. Don’t quote me though. It’s all we ever used.

The last time we were there, the Casino (at the Royal Decameron) really wasn’t something you would rave about. Small, dark. Something to do to kill time. Nice and cool in there too.

If you win anything, don’t expect fast service.

We have never been to the one in Panama City so can’t comment on it.

Entertainment certainly does include audience participation often.



Just an FYI- Previously the shows started at 10:00pm but now they start at 9:45pm. Also even though the resort has grown tremendously, the entertainment area has stayed the same size, so finding a seat is a little harder. Especially if you have a group and want to sit together or prefer the chairs to the concrete. A couple of times I felt so squeezed in when I was sitting on the concrete bleachers and I wasn’t even there during high season. So just a warning if the show is something that interest you, get there early enough to get a seat. I think the weekends were the most crowded.
As far as participation shows, usually they have them every other day or about 3 a week. (Sometimes they change things up and put on two dance shows on two nights in a row.)