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NJT delivery

Two more sleeps!!! We have our two NJT bags for Cayo Largo and I wondered if anyone has updated info as to where we will deliver them. I had thought they would go to the clinic in the workers’ village, but would be happy for any info. Thanks.

Good to hear your are delivering NJT bags.
Did you receive a delivery address and contact info?

No we did not get contact info; I sense that is our responsibility. We’ll check at reception unless someone can enlighten me. Cayo Largo is such an indulgence that this is really the only way I can justify our laziness!

I was under the impression that NJT gave contact info! There is a clinic at the village, but I doubt the supplies would be used on CL, especially if you mention it’s a donation for the people of Isla de la Juventud. The doctor(s) will get them delivered to the right hands.

Which resort are you staying at?

We’ll be at Sol Club. I will ask at the reception desk. There is a medical unit on site so I’m sure we’ll be able to get correct info.

I suggest you speak to the p.r. person, I believe Neuroska will be on duty when you arrive, she’s a terrific and trustworthy person. There is a small doctor’s office at the Sol Club, but I’m not sure if the doctor is always there.

We have always been given instructions when we picked up our suitcase from NJT on where to deliver it. I find it really strange that they didn’t give you an address. Did you get any paperwork at all with your suitcases?


[quote=@crosw] I find it really strange that they didn’t give you an address. Did you get any paperwork at all with your suitcases?

Strange yes.

Yes we do have paperwork. My husband picked up the bags, but I did all the organizing with both NJT and Skyservice. He WAS asked if he knew the destination of the bags and he said that I had the answers. I’ll pursue this a bit today, but will follow the suggestions re: speaking with Neuroska. Muchos gracias!

Why not contact NJT to find out where they should go?

Thanks. I did that already and have left a message. The saga continues. Meanwhile, I’m rearranging the contents of our 4 checked bags so that we don’t exceed the weight limit. This is an adventure!

:slight_smile: Thanks for “doing your part” by taking a NJT suitcase. I’m sure it will benefit someone in Cuba in some way.

Have a great trip and don’t forget to “check back in” with us here when you get back and let us know all about your trip. :-*

When I picked up my NJT bag, the paperwork was in a plastic sleeve inside the suitcase, but I was responsible to fill in the receiving clinic’s number and location myself. I received the location details via email.