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NJT - Question - Toronto

Well I picked up the NJT bag Tuesday.
I was a bit surprised on the contents though. ??? There were no drugs -… not even an aspirin. :o Only bandages, wraps, 2 saline (heavy) bags and 2 adult diapers. Not even gloves?? To others delivering these bags …is this normal? I had thought that there would be more meds and gloves and the like.

At a meeting tonight about shipping medical supplies, the most requested items were surgical gloves and syringes. While pharmaceuticals may always be a perceived ‘need’, Cuba is becoming more self-suficient in producing these products. So, some of the things that NJT is bringing may not be what we ‘expect’ to be the needs, but what is really needed.

Thanks for everyone’s generosity in either contributing to NJT or to bringing packages. What you are doing IS important.

Rainbow and I have also had the occasional case from NJT that has little or no medication in it.

Once Rainbow had an electric toothbrush in his NJT case.

Fortunately, we did have some extra supplies that we could add to the case to donate on behalf of NJT.

We always find a way to push the weight up a little bit more so we can add the extras to bring to Cuba. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…