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:-/ Hello everyone. I am very undecided except for the fact that both me (43) and my husband (47)need to go on a vacation. :-[Been to DR (15+ years ago). Been to Mexico (22+ years ago) and thought Cuba would be a good place. We are looking at going for 1 week. Looking for peace and quiet but obviously do not want to be bored half to death. Originally thought about finding something in mid Feb. but realized it might be reading week for either the Colleges or Universities and I do not want to deal with drunk young adults. also in my criteria is CHEAP. Plan on using air-miles to help with that. Any advise or comments would definitely be helpful. ;D

We are going to the Marea del Portillo in Manzanillo, flying out on the 26th of Feb.
Prices are going up since we booked 3 weeks ago, but it is still relatively cheap.
Read the reviews on this nice little 3* and I think you will be impressed.
There are also a few threads in the Cuba forum area.
This is a good one to start with.
And over at Trip Advisor…

go to itravel2000…under deals …lots of Cuba for under$1000

For finding deals we’ve had great luck with SellOffVacations…
For deciding on which resort to choose, read through the various boards and review areas both here at Debbie’s and over at Trip Advisor.
Keep in mind that what makes a great resort for one person (couple) doesn’t necessarily mean it will be that way for all.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the Cuba forum.
Have fun looking and make sure you post on the appropriate board where you’ve decided to go and how you liked it when you got back.
Post a review so that others will know what you thought as well!

I see some great deals at Cayo Giellermo how ever you spell it :slight_smile: $590.00!! great beach , nice resort!