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Nolitours and Skyservice

We are booked with Nolitours, flying with Skyservice from Ottawa to Puerto Plata. I know that with the tour operator Signature/Skyservice, the food is included. What about Nolitours, does anybody know if it’s included ??? We will be flying early (breakfast) and coming back at lunchtime :slight_smile:

VincenteDiana… when you return can you please let me know how it was… my hubby and I are travelling from Toronto to Puerto Plata in April, and we are also booked with Nolitours, flying with Skyservice.

Will do :wink:

I flew Skyservice through NoliTours in September from Toronto to Cuba - left late afternoon, returned late evening.

They did offer a hot sandwich, but it wasn’t very good - and a granola bar or some other snack - I say eat before you go if possible!

hot breakfast sandwich and granola bar on the way down, hot sandwich and muffin bar on the way back… take food with you!!!

We too are going Nolitours from Ottawa, but with Westjet. I thought I read you get food, but can also purchase it…can anyone let me know if this is true???


We just returned on WestJet with Nolitours. We had a sandwich wrap and granola bars on the way down and a turkey and cheese wrap and granola bars on the way back.

It was pretty good! We certainly didn’t need to purchase or bring any other food with us.