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Non- alcohol beer

Have a friend coming with us that cannot drink
but sometimes likes to have a non-alcohol beer.
Does anyone know if you can get these in Cuba.

I seem to remember seeing something called Malta that I think was a non-alcoholic sort of beer.

I’m not aware of any non alcoholic beer that’s manufactured in Cuba. There’s a product called Malta Hatuey, but I wouldn’t consider it a beer substitute. I have no idea if the resorts import a proper non alcoholic beer made elsewhere, but I’m sure there’s lots of people here who can confirm that one way or the other.

Interestingly enough I was given a non alcoholic Becks a few years ago in Havana. When I pointed it out to the manager he went nuts because Becks had mistakenly shipped their non alcoholic stuff instead of the real beer. The dramatics that followed were quite amusing.

we don’t drink and while there is no problem in finding non-alch choices I have not seen non - alcohol beer. Have them order a mojto without u[/u] alcohol - it is really nice & quite refreshing

Bucaner’o Malta Non alcoholic malt beverage with a sweet and smooth taste
Invigorating and very nutritional

LMAO…non alcoholic .in CUba , how novel :slight_smile:

Halifax have a great trip, and say hi to Lazaro and Randy at the pool bar from tommy boy, and i will now be there April 23 a week earlier that i had booked