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Non-Smoking coming?

Resorts are slowly desinating many area’s as NO SMOKING.
I doubt if you will see it everywhere though.

as Fireguy stated Grupo León Jimenes, C. por A. is a very powerful force in the DR

phew…I don’t mind the non-smoking areas ex.resturants, crowded area’s etc…but I enjoy the fact that when I am there I am free to eat, smoke and drink as much as I want…all things I don’t do when I am home…

WOW! Hope is not a Nolitours law… we are scheduled to go to El Salvador Feb 16 and hubby will have a fit if he can’t smoke outside at the pool. He won’t have a problem with no smoking in restaurants or the bars, as that is what we have here now, but limited to the beach and room balcony might be an issue… waiting to hear more.

As a current smoker (quit a few times and keep starting again), I as well hate the smell but what I hate most is people butting out their smokes everywhere. Habe you ever walked on a lit cigarette on the beach? that hurts. I think that it is most disrespectful. I always step out or away if I am going to smoke so I don’t bother others with it. At NH last year, I thought it was absolutely disgusting to allow people to smoke in the restaurants. we are going back, leaving in 9 more sleeps and PC Mike has advised that they as well have implemented some non smokng areas. The lobby is now a designated no smoking area. He did not say anythig about the a la carte restaurant but the buffet is also been divided into a smoking and a non-smoking area. I would never dream of smoking in hotel room, even as a smoker, I always book non-smoking rooms and I travel regularly for work. Yes, as smokers we shold have rights like anyone else have rights to be in non-smoking areas but when my smoking affects your health , there has to be respect for others. Our world wold be a much better world if the word RESPECT was respected more…

We were at the Ambar last year and I remember that there was no smoking in the restaurants or the lobby, but it was allowed on the patio.

BlueBay has a no smoking policy in the spa pool area. The majority of people respected the rule and would go beyond the perimeter to smoke.

Just got back from the Gran Ventana in POP - they have had a no-smoking policy in effect inside the Italian and Octopus restaurants for years. Also, the buffet restaurant is separated into 3 different dining areas - only one area is designated as a smoking area. They now do not allow smoking during the evening meals in the Ocean Grill.

We also noticed that Hemingway’s & Roadway do not allow smoking inside - only outside on their patios.

We were at Sirenis Tropical Suites in Punta Cana recently… the main buffet & all the a la carte restaurants were non-smoking. During our first week (Jan 13-18) smoking was being done in all areas of Reception, the Lounge & the La Pergola & La Piramide (Lobby) bars…things changed at the start of our 2nd week & there is now designated/marked smoking areas in the Lobby & Lounge area. No big deal!

We were at Majestic Colonial and Dreams La Romana last month and it sure seemed like there were a lot of smokers. It didn’t matter where we went, someone right beside us smoked. There were a lot of people from France there and maybe Quebec, too. Also quite a few other Europeans. I thought people were smoking less, but maybe just in my circle? I was kinda of surprised by it.