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Non-smoking resorts


Anyone know of non-smoking resorts in the Carribean where there is no smoking in all areas except outside. All eating areas are non-smoking, all rooms are non-smoking and all general areas under a roof are non-smoking. Yup you got…I refuse to holiday at a smoking venue. Seems there are a few out there and the numbers are growing


Our travel agent confirmed today with respect to Sandals, Beaches and Royal Plantation in Jamaica - The various resorts are at different stages of implementing their non-smoking policy. Apparently by May 2007, when we visit again, this family of resorts in Jamaica will be on the same page where smoking is only permitted outside.
Is Jamaica ever a wunerful place or what !!!


We have also been to a few resorts in Cuba and Mexico where they have implemented in the ala cartes a no smoking policy. You won’t be able to stamp it out completely, but at least be able to get away from it.

I heard, can’t remember if it was this board or another that they had smoking/non smoking in the buffet and guess where the non smoking was…right in the middle of the room and the smoking was all around them, yup makes sense to me!

I don’t think you will find a resort where you will find the outside general areas with a roof on it non-smoking. Good luck in your search though.


Thanks DdF. Here are other non-smoking resorts, all at different stages, but the tide has turned. Most do not allow smoking anywhere indoors - Breezes, Gran Lido, Hedonism, Super Surprise, Starfish Trelawny, Rooms, Negril Beach and gardens. The whole Super Club group and Sandals, Plantation and Beaches. We are headin in the direction of one of these in Mya agin this year. We are wining the war !!! Holiday and enjoy !!!