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20 cm called for the Ottawa.area.

Snow before Halloween…. This is going to be a longgggg winter.

The snow just started falling and there is a weather watch.

Where is February???

I heard this morning that there is a Winter Storm watch for Ottawa and area … hope it misses you!!!

Wow!! It is 15 C here but the wind is gusting to 70 k.Sounds like winter but still warm and my golf clubs are still in the trunk of my car.

Yep, it’s snowing, what timing, just booked our trip to Majestic Elegance for February yesterday. Off to work I go in the snow!!! Wishing it was here sooner…the trip that is!

That sucks!!! Its been rainy and windy here all day...I keep praying for summer...or at least for April when I take my first trip to Cuba...Im going to miss the DR this year:(

Glad to hear you have planned trips…

Just looked outside and all my lawn chairs have about 1 inch of snow…and the wind is brutal.

Looking for some November cheap trips… i won’t last till February.

Wow! I feel so lucky. 15c here today and 15 tomorrow too

Rachel … November 8th at the Edenh …

awwww Hula…

I’m looking. LOL would be so much fun…

I’ve got my husband convinced, now i just neeed a cheap price.

it would be great!!!

Would be awsum…

I’m working on it. LOL

Rachel : Montreal Punta Cana EdenH Nov. 8 for $1248 tx incl.
My lawn chairs are also covered with snow!

hey guys,
did i miss something???
you are talking just 15C!!!
even for me,
the caribbean fisherman,
15C with or without snow, would be much tooooo warm
for the temp i usually want my UFO(unbelieveable female object)
serve me my presidente.
no way to enjoy a 15C warm beer.
let it go colder, ha ha
happy shoveling

:DWow not that I am trying to be mean ::slight_smile: But no s$#@ here!!! Sorry I am laughing!!! Orillia gets nailed all the time! No snow to the north!!! We missed it this time!!! :smiley: Suppose to get warmer this week not warm enough for you Mike but at least no s$#@ weather!!!

Well its over, we got about 10cm of snow (in Ottawa). My 4 month old Pug was none to happy to go outside and do her business this morning, no fur on her tummy.

Ah 38 more sleeps.


It rained here yesterday and was foggy and 11C when I took my son to work @7:30 but the sun is shining now and I have a load of laundry to go on the line.

wow, the price has gone up, I am now seeing the Edenh Leaving Toronto on Nov 8 for $1000 taxes in…

But for us in the Ottawa valley, if we use Montreal or Ottawa airports, it’s always more expensive than TO. But if someone really wants to get away, there are other resorts, less pricey :wink: Sunwing has good prices for Ottawa departures for POP, starting Nov. 26. Good luck Rachel :slight_smile:
The trees are beautiful here this morning in Gatineau. The branches are heavy with snow and the ground is all white. BUT I hope it melts soon. I would be happy if this was the only snow we had for the whole winter…wishful thinking :slight_smile:

so just left to wish some
happy shoveling, ha ha

Funny, my mother said there was snow in Toronto this morning. Nothing here in Oshawa. Darn cold for October.