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North Coast Brianna and her sister

Some of you folks may remember when my daughter was still in the womb. That is when I started the process to get my wife and daughters to the US. I finally got Brianna and my wife, Yahaira here to the states on October 23rd. 2008. Brianna was a bit over 20 months old. A 2 year ordeal to be united.

Today (february 17th.) is Briannas 2nd birthday!

The final leg of the ordeal to unite my family is happening in the next week. My wife’s daughter (7 year old Soldely) was granted her visa last tuesday and I am traveling to the D.R. on Friday to bring her to the states.

We will stay a couple of days at a Playa Dorado resort and then several days in the campo. Looking forward to seeing my extended family. We couldn’t afford a family vacation at this time so Yahaira will be here in the states with Brianna.

We may take a day trip to Sosua so if anyone wants to maybe get together let me know and maybe we can hook up!

Happy Birthday Brianna!

Phil, sent you a pm.


Hi Phil, so glad to hear you and all your family are finally going to be together again, I hope there’s still some snow around for Soldely to play in, make sure she’s got thermals on!!

Enjoy your short stop, you should have lovely weather, I got all the wet stuff the three weeks I was there Jan/Feb 15 days of torrential rain!! Won’t stop me going again though.

Cheers to you and all your family where ever they are, Amandalou :-*