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North Coast Holiday Booked HELP!


I was wondering if anyone could help me, this might sound like a stupid question or questions, but I am going on holiday with my hubby and daughter. We are staying at breezes super club in Puerto Plata, which looks fine and I have no worries about as we plan to spend our time in the pool and on their beach. The worries I have are:

  1. The weather looks/is always raining. We are going on Feb 27th - 6th March 2006, does it get sunny. I have been to Jamaica, so expect the normal tropical weather, but it never seems to stop their.
  2. Is the water rough, I had planned to snorkell on the beach or the hotel or is their a beach near by where it is calm enough. Every picture I find as waves, I live in Cornwall, England and the Atlantic is always wavey, but has its calm days. I didn’t realise the Atlantic was that side of the DOM REP untill I researched it after I book the bargain holiday!!! I am now wishing I had booked the other side (caribbean sea) as I don’t think I would be asking this!! It always look so windy and I read guide books saying its good for windsurfing…
    I have read Sousa is best for snorkelling (which a free bus runs from breezes) I just wanted a holiday like Jamaica/ Maldives, but feel the North side will be too windy/wavey and rainy. I never complain or moan normally, but this is going to be my last holiday for a while (having a baby) so I just want everything to be perfect and relaxing. Hence we booked Breezes for the kids club.
  3. What are the chances of seeing whales on a trip. If the water is too rough is it worth doing a catamarang snorkell trip.
  4. Finally I have seen in two brochures that Breezes has an ice staking rink, but doesn’t say on its website, is this true and what time does the kids club open till.

Many Thanks.


forget the online weather forecast, they are never right.


Wow. You seem to be stressed, maybe I can help a bit. I went to Breezes a couple of years ago and can answer some of your questions. 1. I was there about the same time period and only had a few rain showers. 2. The water was rough for most of our week; there was never a calm day. That being said, there are some small calmer beach coves on the right side in front of the villas. There are indeed snorkelling trips from Sosua, but they only take you to quite deep water. 3. Don’t know about whales. 4. The skating rink has a plastic surface. Did not see one user the whole time we were there.

OK, so I just realized I have done little to alleviate your fears. You can, however look forward to terrific food and entertainment as well as a great pool.


Hi Np
We stayed there last year and Wud is right we didn’ have any rainy days, occasionally at night but came back with the best tan yet.
Last year they had what was called brown waves, which are just waves with lots of sand in them. they said this was from the ripple effect of the Tsunami and in doing research it was possible. We have scuba and snorkled there many times. and yes Sousa has the best dive shops etc. good instructors and great dive masters.
The only time we saw whales was the year before when we stayed at the Bahai Principle on down by Samona.
The rink at the breezes is a joke, he is right when he said it is a plastic surface and we did see some of the older guys playing but they were in barefeet or runners. like road hockey. it is not a real ice rink.
There are lots of family and kid activities at the Breezes. trampolines and the such, they also have good programs for kids and the entertainment is great. very talented people. different show each night.
When we were there we did not think that the breezes was up to par but then again, it is third world. they try to accomodate the guest as much as possible but the best way to get things changed if you need to do so, is go to your travel guide on site.
As far as booking on the other side of the island, good thing you didn’t, we have stayed on that side as well and was totally upset! it is dirtier and the water was not clear. you definately choose the right side of the island in my opinion.
One other little info item. remember that what we commonaly know as a three or four star hotel is not the same as in the Dominican. My guide is knock a star and a half off of what is listed. example the breezes is listed as a four star, to me it was maybe a two and half,
You will enjoy it with the kids, for us there were to many kids and that is not what we were after so will not be returning there.
Have fun.


We spent Christmas at Breezes…2weeks to be exact. This is not Cesears Palace in Vegas but a very nicely run resort! The food, people and activities were excellent…3.5-4*

The beach is beautiful and definitely rough, but not rough enough that you can’t enjoy it…we snorkeled almost everyday!!!(don’t forget a banana)
The ice rink is funny…but the kids tried it…mostly played soccer on it though…there is a rock climbing wall, trapeze(definitely try)…the kids club was OK they involved the kids in some evening entertainment…the pool is awesome…alittle loud at times…so you move to the beach… :sunglasses:
You are not going to regret going to this resort…I don’t know about the weather at the time your going, but for our 2 weeks it rained twice…we still collected shells on the beach,the rain felt nice!!..OH and the waters warm!!
Have Fun!!!


Like coppersun2001 stated about the Breeze is so true. Stop worrying, be happy and lay back and enjoy yourself :sunglasses: