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North Coast Resort locations

I’ve seen this in the Punta Cana forum, but I was wondering if there is a map of the north coast showing the resort locations.

something similar but not as good. it only shows the resorts in the playa dorada complex. you could also go on google earth and it shows them too. there is one on this site if i recall.

I’ve looked in the FAQ section and besides individual resort maps the only larger view is of the Punta Cana resorts…

Via our FAQ
Iberostar and Marien are just off the map, to the left, going towards Puerto Plata.

Thanks Bob. I was hoping to see what resorts were around the Riu’s etc.

The closest resorts to the Riu complex are Sun Village and Lifestyle Tropical in Cofresí. They are not that close together, however.

Right. Those resorts are quite isolated. If you are looking for a number of resorts in close proximity (walking distance) then your best choice would be one in the Playa Dorada complex. There are also some AI resorts in the Cabarete and Sosua area. These will be in close proximity to a number of local bars and restaurants. I’ve not seen a map that shows these, but I’d love to …

If there is an artist among us, maybe he or she could draw a map of the North Coast with the location of the resorts, similar to the one for PC. Escapewinter did a very good job with Victoria Resort, using Google maps.

Well, I’m not an artist ;D but I tried anyway and I was able to draw a very basic “map” of the location of resorts on the North coast. It gives a general idea of where the resorts are.


Thanks! That helps place things when people talk about various resorts.

Perfect. I was thinking of doing something similar.

Feel free to improve it, I would not mind at all As I said, it is pretty basic but it serves the purpose for now. :slight_smile:

Great job Diane. It’s an excellent overview.

Nice drawing - it is very helpful especially to us newbies!

Thanks so much, VincenteDiana. I have been looking all day for something like this.

Very nice and helpful Diane but what happened to #14 in Playa Dorada?

Viva Tangerine is missed, place it next to Breezes

Number 14 in Playa Dorada?: just a mistake ;D I will make changes to my drawing, add the Viva Tangerine beside Breezes and add the main resorts in Cabarete: Celuisma Tropical Beach Resort, Paraiso Tropical.

Happy New Year!
The link VincenteDiana’s map doesn’t seem to be working - or is it just me?

Must be too busy
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