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North, South vs East weather

Does anyone know if there is a difference in the weather between the different Coast? I plan on going away leaving Feb 28th and not sure which coast to book? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

The weather is always warm on all the coasts, the winds would differ with the North being the most windy & keep in mind that the South is on the Carribean & the others on the Atlantic, which make a huge difference with how calm the waters are.

Really? I found it windier in Punta Cana than in Puerto Plata.

Me too

if you want calm beautiful blue water, south coast, atleast from my experience,

east coast (Puntacana) has a constant breeze,water choppy,south coast calm wind & water

The North coast has even bigger waves.

North Coast did not have big waves snywhere I stayed. Much bigger in Punta Cana.

Have to agree again

Thanks everyone, I went to Cuba last March and the weather wasn’t the greatest. Alot of wind too, I can only assume with windy weather Punta Cana weather changes quickly??

now you’re kidding me.
do you want to describe the water conditions for the whole wide PC area as ONE???
that 50+Km coastline has very different conditions at it’s very different locations/bays at the same time.
i live right on the oceanfront of one of them, and i do not have more than 12-15b days per year on which i need to keep my son(6years old) away from the water because it is choppy, and that count includes the whole hurricane season.
if you visit the Isle during end october til end jan/mid february, yes, that’s the choppier time of the year, on all 3 coasts of the Isle, it is also our more rainy time of the year(not the hurricane season like many assume).
in case of PC you get it more choppier than more northwards you are located, and calmer than more southwards you are located on the east coast in the PC area.
the hotels in Uvero Alto like the secrets, sirenis, sivory, dreams punta cana have the roughest shore and more red/black flagged days all year around than green ones.
if you stay near the bavaro beach bay at the resorts edenh, paradisus palma real, melia caribe tropical, los corales, ifa village, barcelo beach resort or the cabeza de toro area where i live myself with the natura park, dreams palm beach, oasis catalonia resort or the PC side with the arrecife, tortuga bay, club med, punta cana resort & club you have the very most days of the year completely calm/quiet waters, suitable even for kiddies and no-swimmers.
each coast of the dominican republic has during the rougher seasons it’s period of rougher days with higher winds and waves, those are not predictable and those periods occure at all 3 coastlines of the country.
such is not typical to the north or east or south.
late season disturbances/tropical storms i.e. usually form in the caribbean sea and mess up with the water conditions there.
during hurricane season the tropical storms effect the south coast at least 10 times more than the east coast.
each of the 3 coastlines of the country has it’s cam/quiet areas and also it’s rough/choppy areas.
you have to go into the details of the destin to sort that out.
happy travel