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Nov 10 - 17, 2014 Royal Decameron

Well, after planning a trip to Las Vegas, we decided instead to book Royal Decameron. Great price came up (sure hope it doesn’t drop drastically now) and we just had to hop on board.

Not looking forward to the long commute between the airport and resort, but sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. Time at the resort will be well worth it. We’ve been in November before so we know what we can expect weather wise. But with the weather changing globally who knows.

They are flying Air Transat. Wish it was Copa Airlines.

Looking forward to your review, bebbie. Have Fun!

For some reason I do not mind at all that commute in Panama. I know it is long drive but I love it :slight_smile: going through Panama City and watching nature I like :slight_smile:

Never minded until this past trip in July. Bridge of Americas was backed up with traffic, so our bus driver decided to go another route - over the Centennial Bridge. Obviously others had the same idea…traffic was heavy and slow going. Took well over three hours to get to the resort.

Would of driven straight through but some passengers needed to go to the washroom. (And of course others to have a smoke.) Kudos to the guide though…think we were stopped no more than 15 minutes and we were all on our way.

We were the first bus to leave the airport, but the last to arrive. Didn’t pay this time to go another route. In fairness, besides the heavy traffic - there was quite a bit of road construction going on.

Too bad to hear that but if you look at positive side you saw different route :slight_smile: regarding traffic in Panama City and construction is because they building subway system in Panama City.

We had been that other route before, with a hired taxi, but…saying that, I saw a different aspect of it. It was a more interesting ride too because we were able to grab the first seats in the bus…unobstructed view.

Oh I am stoked about going.

I wish you excellent trips. Let us know how was it once you are back :slight_smile:

I know it was almost 2 years ago but I was wandering how was your trip? Did you like Royal Decameron in Panama?

That trip two years ago was fantastic. It always is fantastic.

We are booked to go again this Nov 7, for one week.

We have been to Royal Decameron probably at least a dozen times. I have lost count.

Over the years it certainly has changed. IMO some things not so good. But we deal with it.

What is really nice though is that the airport by the RD is now open. Making the commute only five minutes. Fantastic for us repeaters. At least the ride from Panama City, even though very long, it gives you a chance to see the country side.

Only two airlines fly into the Rio Hata airport (by RD) - Air Transat and Sunwing. In high season both airlines fly in and out twice a week.

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