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Nov 21...home from Riu Bachata


We made it home last night after having a wonderful week at the Riu Bachata.
And no, WiFi in my room was not working by the time we left yesterday morning.

I’ll field any questions you might have…


Thanks for all your updates and glad you had a wonderful week.
Did you get any sign that a buyer has been found?


Spunky…no I didn’t ask about that. I did talk to the GM about the new Cruise Port & the refurbs that have taken place at the Bachata.


Thanks Ruth, sure is a lovely property. Have the vendor shacks been disturbed on the Maimon side?


Spunky…shacks were still there, but looking at that area from the Gazebo everything looked pretty barren & forelorn…no activity at all !


We stayed in that last building before the point. I wonder if we would be looking right accross into a stateroom in a couple of years? LOL
Thanks again…


Too funny…
it would be like the bathroom windows at the Merengue before they fixed them. The first time staying there, we were walking on one of the walkways and you could see right in the window where people were showering. I guess when they put those windows in, the frosted side was supposed to go the other way…with the way they were installed, when in the shower you couldn’t see out, but folks could see in - instead of the other way around. Lots of folks sitting on their porches that year.


helmers, Heard about that. It’s a good joke all over DR.
I’ve seen glass that is translucent until you put a body close, then it’s transparent.
It’s a holiday resort, eh?


Sure is Spunky…:slight_smile: What happens in the DR stays in the DR…:slight_smile: I just love it there!