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Oasis Brisas Del Caribe

Gambit …I’ve nothing recent …it was 2006 when we went - but we loved it ! ;D its cheap and cheerfull …the rooms where fine -we stayed in the south side -the staff were friendly and helpfull -the beach was to die for . The food could be a bit repetative but we never went hungry
Its handy for Varadero …you can use the bus or take a taxi and its only two hours to Havana
have pm’d you :wink:

We are going March 5th to Oasis Brisas Del Caribe. First time to this resort but have been to Varadero several times. Make sure you visit Josene Park and have a Pina Colada by the lake, delish! ;D

Please post when you get back to give your impressions, there is a mixed bag of opinions on all the reviews, but I am confident it will be fine. We booked the south rooms. Apparently there are reno’s ongoing this year. Some one in one recent review complained that the fish ponds were drained and empty ( :oOMG :o) but another reviewer said they were being repainted and posted a pic. I am sure that a drained fish pond is not going to spoil my vacation!

I wish I were going sooner, have a great time!

how long are you there gambitt…my husband and I are going Feb 5th -12th…so if you are back before we go I would love to hear what you have to say about the resort

Congrats on the booking , Gambitt!
I have heard good things about this area…
Would be interested in checking it out at a later date.
Have a great time!
Karen and Marty

Have a great trip Gambitt, I do not know if they still offer free trips but if they still do take the sunset cruise, it was very nice, we were in room 325 over looking the pool, main bldg nice and close to everything

There are 8 of us going to Oasis Brisas Del Caribe with 6 leaving on Jan.23rd and 2 on the 26th from Toronto. There certainly are mixed reviews on this resort but I am looking forward to getting there! Maybe we will bump into you there Gambitt!

We were there in 06 and had no complaints.
I would go back except I’m in love with Cayo Coco

LOL , mr… it seems like it!
we have been to Cayo Guillermo, twice, and love it…

Well after a few days of really nasty weather we are really looking forward to our trip. Can anyone give me an idea of the layout of the resort. Also we are taking our 7 year old and my mother (who is happy with a beach). What kind of things do they have for kids ?? Also any recommendations on ala cartes, excursions. I understand they are changing management as of Jan 1st, so hopefully things will be running smoothly when we arrive.

We were there in Feb 08, and loved it. It was clean and friendly. Our room was huge (they put us in a family room). We took our 6 yr old, and she had a great time, too. The resort is huge. We stayed on the south side, about as far as you can get from the beach, but the gardens are lovely and we really never minded the walk…provided we didn’t forget anything important in our room! The kid’s club was a bust. After several days of non-activity in the club, I spoke up. Within an hour, someone was there manning the club. And that’s about it…She set our daughter up in front of some spanish cartoons with some stubby crayon bits while she chatted up a guy on staff. We took her out within a half hour, and never went back. She loved chasing geckos, watching the fish and swimming, either in the pool or on the beach. There was a playground, too, where she played a few times with a girl she met there. I’d go back in a heartbeat. A co-worker of mine is going next month based on my recommendation!

Check out this link for the map we sent in


Thank you both so much will & cubiquinn, really helpful info and I appreciate it.