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Occidental Caribbean Village Playa Dorada

Please forgive me if this is already posted…

I’m looking for current and candid reviews and information on the Occidental Caribbean Village PD.

I’ve searched thru past postings on this forum and didn’t find too much on reviews, do, don’t and what to expect. On the web, I’m confused with which is the actual resort we’re staying at.

We’re booked for mid January 2009 with a group of 3 couples. We’re in our mid 30’s and I would have to say, are the partying type and more than likely, always the last to fall. ;D

We’ve stayed at the Grand Ventana in the past and had a great time but thought a different resort would be good to try. It was a sudden booking too as the price was incredible.

I’m interested in hearing about the beach, bars on-site, music (GV got annoying with playing only Celine Dion and Brian Adams - sorry if you’re a fan) entertainment, etc.

Most info. I’ve read, as written, I’ve become confused if it’s the one in PD or not and I’ve also read they have a sister resort that is on the beach…this one is not.

Also, upgrading rooms and what to ask for and what I think I’ve read, if there is a skeeter problem and do all resorts allow locals in on the weekends? I’ve read that you have to get food early before it’s consumed by the locals…I’m ok with this but if they drink all the cold beer, I may have a break down. :wink:

Thank you for reading and any information you may be able to provide.


Kingston Ontario

This site has over 200 reviews and tons of pictures. Mind you take the reviews with a grain of salt, do not believe all you read. I use it mainly for pictures.

Thanks Captain2002.

I’ve used the search but again, get confused which resort I’m reading about…PD, PC, sister hotel, or one of the many names it’s been called. ???

Hoping someone could narrow it down to this exact one with information but am open to suggestions. :-/


here is the link to the resort you are looking for http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/carvillage.html

I have heard that this property has been sold…not sure to which hotel chain though.

legacey we where there last year in april and going again in mid Jan as well
Yes they are in the playa dorada area you are the first to be dropped off from the airport and the beach is about a 10 min walk to the beach or take the shuttle. There is a beach bar with snacks and drinks. The sister hotel is the Allegro playa dorada which is on the beach.

 We were upgraded without even asking. There is a pool bar which is the main one, beach bar and the diso bar which we found that there wasnt many people in there and the pool table wasnt working. This year we are checking out the bars in the plaza. The entertainment was okay. The beach party was the best and is on Sat night.

 There was some locals there the last time we went but not alot and no worries on the food they are just like us and they are there for a weekend getway. 
 The staff are great.

Yup, it’s Caribbean Village (Club on the Green) and it’s in the Playa Dorada Complex. It’s right next door to Fun Royale and about a 10 minute (tops) walk to their beach club. It ain’t fancy and it’s a little old and dated, but unless you’re picky you’ll have a great time there.
I’m not sure of your dates. You said mid January. Might I call your attention to the meet & greet at the golf club, Jan 25 at 2 pm.

We’ve been there twice. It’s good value for your buck.
I understand it is now closed.
Anyone know why?

I was checking out this resort for my son and his friend because the price for a February departure was fantastic. I read yesterday that the resort has shut down and that all guests already booked were being transferred to the other two hotels. IF this is true, I am sorry I didn’t book them because they would have ended up at a better hotel for $649.00.

could some one tell where they are reading this about the cv being closed and if so what are the other two hotels are they (we) being transfer to? We are going Jan 15 2009.

Or should i just call nolitours to find out.

[quote=@linric]Or should i just call nolitours to find out.
I would. I can’t find ANY listings until May 1, 2009 …

Thanks bob I ve called flight centre and the ta is not aware of this and is calling it now and will get back to me all i can find is may 01 as well will keep you posted

[quote author=linric board=Poparea thread=9247 post=86622 time=1227046642what are the other two hotels are they (we) being transfer to? We are going Jan 15 2009.

Or should i just call nolitours to find out.

I am assuming that the other two would be the Occidental Grand Puerto Plata, which I believe is in the Playa Dorada complex, or the Occidental Grand Playa Grande. On TA there is a thread posted by a member that received a letter from the CV informing himthe hotel had been sold and would be shutting down. I do not know how to list links to other websites but here is the post:
[i]Posted on: 2:10 pm, today
Just an update letting everybodu know that this hotel has closed it’s doors as of yesterday. Guests who have a booking at the hotel will be moved to one of the other Occedental properties.

In the letter that we recived fron Occedental they said " As part of our brand strategy and promotion of Allegro, Grand and Royal Hideaway Resorts, we have decided not to continue operating the Caribbean Village Play Dorada, effective November 15, 2008". My guess is this that the passanger count was just not there, [/i][/b]

It was posted by Vacationrich.

we just heard from the travel agent and yes the cv playa dorada is closed and we are move to the allegro playa dorada this is an amazing deal for us we paid 257.00 plus 308.00 taxes and we dont have to pay any extra “quote straight exchange” or we could have changed dates or cancelled.

Linric…our group of 6 will also be leaving Jan. 15th from TO.

I’ve looked at the resort you’ve mentioned you’ve been moved too. Looks much nicer for sure.

I didn’t do any of the booking so will contact that person in our group to find out if that is the one we too will be at.

The price of CV for us was a little over $600 each so an upgrade would be awesome. ;D

If you hear anything else, please post.



We are just a group of two but also flying out of T.O. Taking the shuttle from Barrie.
I was just talking with our travel rep and everything is confirmed for us .

As mentioned in my post of Nov. 7 - the Caribbean Village has been sold, not sure to which company. And there is only one other Occidental property in Puerto Plata and that is the Occidental Allegro Playa Dorada. The Occidental Grand Puerto Plata was sold to Barcelo Hotels, I believe two years ago. The only other Occidental property is in Punta Cana and Santa Domingo.

The Allegro Playa Dorada, is also an Occidental hotel. It’s beach is right the now defunct CV Playa Dorada

The person that has taken care of our booking with the TA has asked if this resort closed and are getting no where.

Any news from anyone else?