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Occidental Grand ~ Just a few q's


Hello everyone. I have a few questions regarding the resort named in the topic. If anyone can answer, great.

Myself and 5 of my friends decided to play the “waiting game” this year hoping to get a good last minute deal for Punta Cana. Unfortunately we are kicking ourselves now as any deals or no longer available. We are now booked at the Occidental Grand in Puerto Plata for March 13th.

We have all been to the North Coast before so we know what to expect along the lines of airport, food, beach etc. The reviews for this resort aren’t great though :frowning: but we are going with an open mind knowing we will have a great time. Anyway, on to my questions.

  1. At least one review states that you have to pay for bottled water. True? (we are booked as a “premium” package through Transat Holidays)

  2. Another review states that the only “mixed” drinks available are banana mama’s and pina coladas. True? (i’m not a beer drinker)

  3. What kind of beer is stocked in the mini fridge?

  4. Do they have Presidente on tap?

I think that’s it for now. Thanks to anyone who may be able to answer.


Me again. I have another question if anyone can help me out. Our departure flight from POP is after midnight and i was wondering if anyone knew the cost of keeping 1 room after the required check out time? Thanks in advance for any replies. This is a great site.


I don’t think cost is going to be your issue. IMHO, the hotel will be jam packed at that time, so regardless of the cost, the room likely will not be available.
It’s not that big a deal. You get to keep your hotel armband until you board the bus to go to the airport, so all the hotel facilities (pool, beach, food and bar, except your room of course) will still be available. Just put your traveling clothes in a plastic bag and enjoy the facilities. Use the pool shower to wash off the salt and sand just before dinner. Change into your traveling clothes in the public washroom. Throw your beach clothes in the same plastic bag and stuff it in your luggage or carry on before you leave. Go enjoy a nice dinner and then go to one of the bars afterward. It’s likely that your bus will leave before the nightly show is finished. If not, that’s an option too.
There should be a lock up or safe area to leave your luggage.
We’ve done this many times with no big problems.


We just got back from the Occidental Grand and were also booked in the Premium Club from Transat Holidays - the fridges are stocked daily with water (2 bottles), soda pop and beer for Premium Club members - they have water coolers located in every building to refill your water bottles; Presidente beer is stocked in the fridge - don’t know if it is on tap. They have a menu at the main bar of the different drinks available. Hope this is of some help.


Thanks you donsue…i just replied to you in a previous post. Thanks so much for the info.


Hey donsue, you just answered a question on a previous thread that i just finished replying to so no need to answer my question.thanks