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Occidental Grand Punta Cana...couple questions

hi everyone i was wondering if anyone knows if the beds at the Occidental grand are two doubles put together or is that no correct? We requested a king and i’m hoping that this is not the case.
The other question i have is if you have to bring your own tennis rackets to play tennis?

They do have rooms with king size beds. As for the tennis rackets I do believe they have several but not in the best of condition when we were there. We always bring our own to use. They weigh very little so that is the reason we bring them.

Hi there
My sister and i stayed there from Jan 23 to Jan 30 we did request separate beds which we got. I know that is not your question but just wanted to let you know that we found the beds very very comfy. We had to move to another resort for 2 days because of overbooking and it was a 5 star Resort and believe me it was beautiful but their beds were very uncomfortable. Even if you don`t get King bed the 2 beds they do have in the room are a 3/4 bed and they are very roomy and again very comfortable. Remeber to go to Steve’s Bar which you will find at the entrace at the Occidental on Wednesday afternoon you will have a blast. You will meet Punta Cana Mike and Mike Fisher and you will have a great time. We did and those 2 guys will answer any questions you have and try to bring some school supplies for the kids. Mike Fisher will make sure they get to the right place. Have fun we did!!!

Thanks for the info suemiddaugh . I will be sure to go to steve’s bar…is it good all afternoon that day??

sorry haven’t checked back on the forums for a few days. They meet on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00 pm. We had such a good time we finally staggered down the road way to the Occidental at 5:30. And I had a little nap before supper that lasted till 7:00 am the next morning. Slept right through supper, but hey it was worth it and I have the pics to prove it even the one that my sister took of me sleeping it off. Just don’t do as we did and sit and drink Smirnof Ice for the whole time becasue it is a little stronger than the drinks on the resort. Have a great time

Just a quick note they said they meet there every Wednesday with people from this forum