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Occidental Grand Punta Cana-latest reviews

This resort’s home website intrigues me. It looks gorgeous on the website but it’s reviews for the past year have been very up and down. Mostly negative then an incredibly positive one. This makes me very nervous.

Could I please have some more feedback on really recent visitors to this resort? There seems to be a fair bit of trouble with upset tummies there.

We are also considering the Grand Palladium next door, although more expensive but would try the Occidental if I could get a good baseline.


I was there in November of 2007, had no tummy issues. The resort was being renovated then and should be done by now.

So, what IS your take on this resort. Your opinion is very respected on this forum. This resort is not talked about very much. I assume that’s my hint.

Ironically the only reviews I have read (the up and down ones) have all been in 2008.

Reviews seem to be about 60% positive and 40% negative on T/A

I saw the renovated rooms and they were quite nice, I also saw those that were scheduled for renovations and they needed it.
But according to the manager they were scheduled as were the pools which I know were refurbished. We had a great time there, food was decent, service was ok, beach was great.

Here are a couple of pictures of a refurbished room

the pictures that hlywud posted are of the older style room. most of the rooms have been renovated but there are still some buidlings that have not under gone reno yet - well they hadnt when I was there in July. the new rooms have king size beds which can be a problem if you dont want to share a bed but they will bring in a full size bed for you if needed and there is still plenty of room to move around with the additional bed.

My review is posted on Debbies and its pretty much all postive as we didnt really have any issues. just a few hot water outages but all in all we had a great time and would return in a heart beat

This resort has of course changed its name to Dreams Palm Beach and according to the Signature site is due to open (re-open??) in December/08.

writfiler - I think you may have this confused with another resort . The Occidental Grand (Flamenco) punta cana is still named as such unless its changed since July. I believe Allegro is now Dreams but I could be wrong on that.

NO this is not Dreams Palm Beach…

Dreams Palm beach WAS SUNscape Punta Cana for a bit
then before that it was


The GRAND is NEXt door to it…

You can see it here on the map:

removing link that did not work…

the hotel you are referring to is called the Grand Oasis I think…

SUNscape Punta Cana, Dreams Palm Beach was never a Grand…

Hope this helps.
bb/mt ;D


Here is a link to the map I was referring to…since the picture isn’t working.

bb/mt ;D

Map is working.

This newer link http://www.worldisround.com/articles/304320/photo191.html will be updated with all the new names in a day or so.