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Ocean Blue and sand reports?

There seems to be very conflicting reports on the Ocean sand and Blue. Some of the reports, especially recent ones on trip advisor are very negative. I am looking to book this for 8 people over Christmas and now I am not sure.

We just posted a review from October. The negative reviews are usually the people looking for something to complain about. We just stated to stay away from time share people. We had a great time there, and it was our second stay to Ocean Blue and Sand. We have stayed at other resorts in Punta Cana, and never found a problem at any of them.

Yes I read your report. Thank you. It was very helpful. But then I read some others and they described it as horrible. Did you have problems with lighting, frayed cords, very old furniture, terrible maid service, no towels, constant timeshare harassment, no refils on bar fridge.?

how old can 3-4 years be… if people are complaing abot 3-4 year old furniture they are very picky people as this resort is only a few years old! We had a wonderful experience, yes we had 2 days with no hot water, the lights beside the bed were a bit dim. but that was it! we always had towels, a clean room, a stocked fridge. We did experience the time share bit but we geve them a firm NO right in the beginning and they never bothered us again. They only stayed at the buffet entrance doors beside the spa and that was the only place we saw them or bug anyone.
You have to remember that the time of year reviews are done ( summer to fall) are always very different as the majority in nationalities there are different, if that makes sence…:lol… More europeans travel at that time and their expectations are different then us north americans. That effects the reviews. when you go look at winter reviews and most are canadian, etc it is a very different story. we all expect different as we live different.

No problems with the lighting, frayed cords, maids, towels, or refills. Timeshare people are now in the main reception area saying that they are with the hotel. Just stay away from them. If you are with a large group you can avoid them. There were only 8 of us checking in, so it was impossible not to be approached.

lin7604 has it correct. We always go in “hurricane season”, but hardly any rain.

We don’t care if we live in a shack down there, so we don’t expect much, and are always happy.

that is the best way to look at it!!! i always think how happy and lucky i am to be able to travel so i don’t pay too much attention on reviews as i will be happy no matter what! :slight_smile: I go and pick what i like and want and not worry about how/when someone else complains about silly things… to me i can’t complain at all being on a holiday!

right said.
and ole furnitures in such a relatively young resort would mean some prior visitors to that room had a ‘hard’ time, lol.