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Off-Site Nightlife


Hi, I’m looking at booking last minute to the Decameron Salinitas on Feb15th for a week. I’m flying solo. Been watching the prices fall, and this Thursday’s departure is down to 497 ( plus taxes of course ). CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP !!

What I want to know is have any of you ventured off resort at night to check out the local bars, and if so what was your experience?

I’m not one to call it a night, or just hang around the resort once dinner is done and i have a 1/2 dozen drinks in me. Been to many 3rd world countries using all-inclusives as my base, but have ALWAYS ventured off resort at night to explore.

]Any input is welcome …


got back last night
It was hot down there
Did not notice much of a night life around the place but I did not look for any
You will be down at Carnival Time so it should be a great time


Thanks for the response. How was the food and how were the rooms. Were they clean ?? Did the air conditioning work well ??

I’m assuming you didn’t get sick at all ??


food was good, rooms cleaned, Cooling work well. Had a leak one day, they were up with in 1/2 hour to fix the AC unit