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Off-the-Beaten Path activities in Samana


My husband and I will be staying at the GBP El Portillo February 6-13. We’re in our early 30s and are looking to take advantage of being in Samana by getting off the resort. Unfortunately, we’ve only been able to find some limited information on this site and tripadvisor about activities such as whalewatching, El Limon falls, Playa Rincon, etc. but are looking for more, especially off-the-beaten path experiences.

We’re especially interested in whether there is any good hiking in the area???


There are no marked out hiking trails, but you could follow scenic mud roads where there’s hardly any traffic.
If interested, I can suggest some routes and arrange for a Dominican to accompany you.



El Limon falls, Playa Rincon are somewhat “off the beaten path” but unless you are really looking for a long hike, you need a vehicle to get you to the start of the route into each of them.

We hiked the trail into El Limon Falls last week; It took about 45 minutes. According to our guide, there is a longer route available.