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Off to the EdenH

Well, we are off to Punta Cana at 5:30 (flight delayed an hour & 15) this afternoon staying at the EdenH … looking forward to the sun, sand and cold cerveza!!!


Have a great time,---- I know you will. :wink:

Have a blast! I wish we could be heading to EdenH again!

Hula-please come back with lots of pics & news for me. Heading to the EdenH in February -can’t wait :slight_smile:

You’ll enjoy it there bonbon, lovely place, gorgeous beach!

you are going to have a great time the food is great and the people are very nice

have a great trip, say hi to the Mikes

been in touch with Hula this morning.
the flight got delayed even more,
so they arrived at 1 AM this morning.
and the beers are cold, ha ha

Just had a chance meeting with Hula and spouse…all is well…forund the beach, bar and buffet. I am forever indebted to them for bringing me 2 bags of miss vickies jalapeno Chips and a Costco box of O’Henry’s!!! Life is good today!



Just added a few more to my gallery: this panoramic taken at the main pool
and another few from my collection. (best to click on Slideshow)
Hope you will see even nicer landscape there, my photos were taken in first weeks after opening…
Since then for sure the grass is greener and the plants are full of flowers .
The beer is colder maybe?.. I don’t know about this last one, because in february was just perfect.

Hope you’re having a great trip!!!

don´t want to rub it in … but the weather is beautiful (hot and cloudless, is that a word, LOL) just another perfect day in Punta Cana … walked the beach for miles … will post a reviw of the EdenH when I get home … thanks to Mikefisher for pikcing us up yesterday…don´´t want to go back home to reality.which is COLD…

I see you like the keyboards at the resort, different “eh”

Have a great trip, say Hello to Pat and Debbie if you see them they are there also.

don’t worry WUD,
i had the whole car load of 'em together, ha ha
great guys, been a pleasure to meet them all.
we’ve been a good crowd for a tuesday meeting at the Posada.
and like Hula wrote,
the weather is just perfect for a caribbean vaca.
temps rised again so we are far from starting those cold low 70’s winternights, he he

Well I’m off to the same resort on Dec 18th for 2 weeks. If there is anybody else going maybe lets get together.

dec 18th??
that’s damn close to x-mas??
what’s you extra luggage allowance in Kg’s???
smiling Fisherman

no we are celebrating before we go since our kids are older.

Bev, you will love the Edenh, it is a very nice hotel!!!

Hi Hula,

How’s EdenH ??? We will be arriving Saturday afternoon.

Should I be excited ?


you should be very excited!!! Hope you have as great weather as we had while there. Say hi to the Mikes for me …