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Office gift exchange with a twist

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to draw names at my office. Then, we each went out and bought a toy that we thought our colleague would like to have played with when they were a kid (or would enjoy now).

This morning, before work we exchanged gifts and it was a blast! Most of the toys matched the person exactly and each purchaser had to explain why they chose that toy to give. Really a fun time.

After the fun, we collected all the toys (new, in original packaging) and brought them to our local "Toy Mountain"for distribution at Xmas to needy kids.

Maybe an idea of other offices/groups this time of year.

What a great idea … ;D

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this is a great idea We do secret santas but i will mention this to our group hopfully its not to late we havent pulled names yet.
We also sponser a family at xmas as well by doing bake sales through out the year to raise money for it and donate a food hamper with donations from the staff.

What a wonderful idea! I will incorporate it for our office and we’ll donate the toys to a local charity.
:wink: I would hope to get an “Etch-A-Sketch” or maybe a “Slinky”…
What would you hope to get???

an Easy Bake Oven

Fantastic idea! I would want Hungry Hungry Hippos. I saw one in Toys R Us the other day for $10 and was seriously tempted to buy it for myself :slight_smile:

Has anyone seen the new crayola night time makers they are so cool, wish I was an artist

The gift exchange was a great idea! I will recomend it to all I know

Ginny, we got our 4 1/2 yr old grandson Hungry Hippos last Christmas and he loved it!!!

Hula, I’m glad to see that at 30 I have the same taste as a 4 1/2 year old ;D