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Old topic-tipping, GLN


I know this is an old question but we are going to GLN in April and wanted to know if anyone has left tips for the room staff? They frown on tipping and we would like to leave something. Will they get fired for taking tips? Should we bring some sort of gift? I have been to Mexico and Dominican and realize the best way is cash. Should I just stick with cash?


Hi karibkelly,

I got this tip a long time ago from a very experienced traveller, and after speaking to staff in various resorts, it seems to be the best way to approach tipping.

Alway leave a note, when tipping room staff, stating something like the following: “Thanks for the great job you’re doing on our room, Maria (or whatever), please accept this as a sign of our appreciation…capercanuck.”

What this does is gives the room staff “an out” if their supervisors say anything to them. The last thing the management wants to do is to tick off their obviously appreciative guests by disciplining the housekeeper. It also shows that the housekeeper wasn’t involved in any underhandedness.

It always works for us and the staff really does appreciate the note.

Have fun!


Thank You very much. Never thought of that. Personally green (US funny money) is my favorite color. It tends to match everything.