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Olympics in Cuba

Where would one go to make sure they didn’t miss the gold medal hockey game.
I’m sure there are lots of people in or going that might miss a part of Canadian history…I hope

I know, Cuba is a big place, so say, Varadero, Havana, the Coyos

Iggy: good question but not to me! I don’t do sports or particularly like to watch any sports. But MY team is Canada. Cuba is a big place, and I wouldn’t care where I was in Cuba if I could hear that my team won the hockey gold. Fortunately, we don’t leave until Mar 23 so I’ll know the outcome! And seriously, if someone gave me a free ticket to anywhere in Cuba between now and the hockey finals; I would go. Hopefully it wouldn’t be Varadero; I’d much prefer the south. I do know the Cayo’s have great reception on TV as long as they are not watching the Spanish soaps. So after my Santiago choice, I would pick the Cayos. You have started an avalanche of responses. Let’s see the arsults.

Last winter Olympics, we were at the Iberostar Laguna Azul in Varadero. I don’t know if the tourists organized it or the staff did at their insistence, but the entire Disco was set up with 2 big screen tvs and finger food for the game. The guys in our group had a blast and made sure to thank the staff and management for allowing this gathering (read lots of CUCs spent on liquor and tipping). Memorable moment, our guys said they mingled with many tourists from other countries and elsewhere in Canada, so the next day they all shared “stories” and jokes on the beach.

Last Olympics I was at sea, on a cruise, the Captain came on and said we would not be able to see the Canada USA gold medal game, he said the feed was a copyright and they were not allowed to show it. Needless to say there was a lot of disappointment. Everywhere the Captain went people were all over him. Finally someone gave him the OK to get the feed from some Australian satellite, he said it wasn’t exactly legal. The main theatre was the only place you could see it and it was jamb packed. The picture was terrible, you really couldn’t see the puck, you just followed the play and the sound was about two seconds behind the play. Lots of banter back and forth between the Canadians and Americans, all friendly of course. And Canada won.