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OMG ~ DCF makes it 90 containers


on Saturday July 28th Dubois Charitable Foundation completed container # 90. Truly an amazing accomplishment. This container as 100% for a home for the aged!


Thank you all for your great work.
90 and counting, I hope.


Unfortunately there is another container for the old folks to go & one for hurricane relief & that may be the end of containers to Cuba.
John & Marion are completely worn out with the almost impossible feat of obtaining the necessary documents to ship containers of absolutely free goods to the needy people of Cuba.
Hopefully something will change soon but it doesn’t look that way.
All of the efforts of the organization may end up going to other destinations. :cry:


Thank you all for your great work


coffee break - sadly missing our traditional rice-crispy squares.


Names with the pictures would be nice.
My Husband was filling up our car with gas in Okotokes Alberta and this man approached him and explained that he had no money left and offered to exchange his jewellery for a tank of gas. My Husband has a heart of gold and there is no way he would take his jewellery from him and just helped fill his gas tank with $40 worth. Kind of sickening that in a so called well off Country such as Canada that there are people in such dire situations. It is blowing my mind how many people are begging outside grocery stores for food and offering to do jobs just to feed their Families. There is this disillusion that there is food and shelter to be had in this so called well off Country, but the fact is there are many Kids going to school hungry and people still living on the streets and in parks. My Husband and I see this allot mostly because we drive at least 90 min to get into the City and around the City in order to earn our living.
So nice to see such efforts to help poor people in Cuba


Where’s the photo of the fork lift, closing the door??? :wink: Great photos Canucks and great job by the Dubois group, once again.



I believe there will be another packing soon , likely the second last one to Cuba. :cry:


I’ll see you then Lenny.


Absolutely , be nice to see you. We missed you at the last one. :cry:
See ya on the 22nd. :+1::cuba: